Sexpert ditches bras for 2 years as ‘sexist’ critics say boobs are ‘distracting’

Nadia Bokody thinks it’s “sexist” that women are expected to wear bras when men are allowed to show their nipples.

So to fight back against the differing standards, she decided to ditch bras two years ago.

Some “sexualise” her for doing this, but the Australian relationship expert refuses to let them hold her back.

In a candid Instagram post, Nadia told her 58,000 followers: “I ditched bra wearing two years ago and haven’t looked back since.

“Yes, I still wear bras on the odd occasion, but I don’t feel obligated to strap them on like armour every day like I used to.

“For so long, I bought into the myth it was offensive or inappropriate for a woman to go bra-free, especially to work. Now I happily show up at the office, sans bra.”

Nadia continued: “I’ve finally realised there is nothing any more 'rude' or 'distracting' about seeing my nipples under my shirt than there is about me seeing any of my male colleagues' nipples under their shirts when the air-con is turned up…

“Plus, given the fact EVERYONE has breast tissue, regardless of their gender, it really is ridiculous to think it's only women who are expected to wear a restrictive garment around all day to hide ours away because some men don’t know how to not constantly sexualise our bodies, even in a professional setting.”

The sexpert added that she’s not asking women to burn their bras in the name of equality.

She told ladies to keep wearing them if they feel comfortable doing so.

Nadia added: “Side note: If you enjoy wearing bras, good for you!

“This isn't a post to get you to go burn all your bras.

“Do what feels good FOR YOU.

“For me, that's letting my t*tties go free most days and saving lingerie for special occasions.

“Now if you don't mind me, I've gotta run for the office in clothing that actually makes me feel good so I can focus on being the girl boss I am, instead of adjusting my underwire all day.”

Women resonated with Nadia’s post, which garnered more than 400 likes.

Many also took the time to leave a comment, with one responder writing: “Beautifully said.

“Bra free make you feel free and comfortable and confident about yourself.”

Another said: “I pretty much only wear a bra to work. Any other time I’m bra free! Can’t stand them anymore!”

And a third added: “I’ve been a few months without bras since this whole quarantine thing started.

“Only wear them maybe once a week or every two weeks if there’s a certain occasion. Never want to go back.”

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