Schedule a Staycation, Because Aquarius Season Is Here to Help You Let Loose

After an intense Capricorn season I think that it’s safe to say that we’re all in need of a breath of fresh air. Aquarius season starts on January 19, and it’s exactly what you need to start having a little fun again! Air signs Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius are thriving right now, while fixed signs Taurus, Leo, and Scorpio are facing a little drama.

Aquarius is a social air sign, known for being fearlessly unique and encouraging others to express themselves. I think of Aquarius as the zodiac’s biggest cheerleader. Aquarians are amazing for gassing you up over your every win, no matter how small. Right now, you’re becoming that amazing friend to your pals, and they’re being just as loving and supportive to you. Aquarius is co-ruled by Saturn, planet of structure, and Uranus, planet of revolution. For the next month, Aquarius’ Saturnian side is inspiring you to strengthen and secure your squad as much as you, while Aquarius’ rebellious, wacky Uranian side is encouraging you to let your freak flag fly!

It’s way easier for you to open up to other people now, and you’re p much destined to add a few dozen new names to your contacts list over the next few weeks. After a rough 2020, Aquarius season’s ~good vibes~ should deeeeeeefinitely help you find a more positive mindset and loosen up!

Of course there’s a downside, and it can be explained by Aquarius’ nature as a fixed sign. Fixed signs are stubborn. Like, stubborn stubborn. Over the next month, you might have a hot take over something totally minor (like thinking Star Wars is better than Star Trek, which it is), and if someone disagrees with you, you’ll pop off. If you do find yourself in this situation, take a step back and think if this is really the hill you want to die on.

Planning out your month? Any kinds of group activities (the socially distant kind, of course!) are totally the move right now. Whether it’s something casual like a Zoom happy hour or something more serious like joining like-minded people to organize for a cause you believe in (Aquarius is the zodiac’s humanitarian, after all), you’re learning the importance of community. And as you give more love to others, you’ll find that you’re able to start loving yourself more, too. Enjoy!

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Aquarius season is social for everyone, but especially for you. You’re holding yourself accountable for having the best squad possible, full of the types of people you really want around you. It’s possible you’ll lose a friend or two who don’t meet your standards, but odds are they were already on their way out the door. And for every friend you have to kick to the curb, trust that Aquarius season will help you find someone way better.


You’re perfectly happy staying in your own lane and ~just doing you~, especially at work, but Aquarius season is encouraging you to connect with people on the job! Don’t tackle any big projects by yourself. Instead, break out of your comfort zone, organize a team, work together, and you’ll all slay! Even better: During Aquarius season, hard work = amazing results for you, so don’t be surprised if a promotion or a bonus comes your way!


Life’s becoming one big adventure for you, Gemini. Aquarius season is activating your ninth house, which governs exploration, higher learning, and growth. If you’re a student, expect to kick ass at school. And if your school days are long over, you’re still able to turn even the most mundane, everyday thing into a learning moment. Your entire life is an experience. Learn from it!


You’re one of the most moody, emotional signs, and Aquarius is known to be so ultra-intellectual that they’re sometimes robotic. Translation: This time of year isn’t always the easiest for you. Aquarius season is lighting up your chart’s eighth house, which governs intimacy—but instead of connecting with others on an emotional level, you’re now getting to know your special someone on a more intellectual level. Over the next month, you can pick apart their mind, share your secrets, and truly get to know one another. BTW, the sex is real nice during Aquarius season, too! One last thing: the eighth house rules debt, too, so keep an eye out for surprise bills or expenses.


For the next month, your chart’s zone of relationships is being activated. You can basically view Aquarius season as your own personal cuffing season. Aquarius isn’t super into ~love~ or ~romance~ (it values strong, platonic relationships more), but if you’ve been seeing someone steadily, now’s actually the perf time for DTRing! Other than that, expect to spend every waking moment in touch with your boo/bestie for the next few weeks. Have fun!


Capricorn season was fun and romantic for you, but now it’s time to get to work. Aquarius season is all about your day-to-day routine and everyday responsibilities, so your job is a giant focus. When you’re not clocked in, you’re also noticing that your to-do list is never fully finished. My advice? Don’t look at this as a month of busy work—use it to set healthier, more productive habits, and you’ll have a much easier time.


Your love life is on fire, Libra. Aquarius season is helping you have fun with your love life, both in and out of the bedroom. You’re sharing (and receiving) tons of love, whether you’re with the LOYL or just flirting with your latest right-swipe. Capricorn season was heavy, but Aquarius season is the zodiac’s way of giving you permission to let loose and have fun again!


Although Aquarius is known as a social, extroverted air sign, you’re actually feeling even more introverted than usual right now. Aquarius season is your sign’s designated month to hit pause, stay in, rest, and relax. Your big focus is life at home and with your family. Make a plan to beautify your space and/or call your folks, and you can have an amazing month.


New connections are pouring in left and right for you, Sagittarius! When you’re not being bombarded by all the people sliding into your DMs, you’re still getting your phone blown up by literally everybody! Is it a busy time? Sure. But is it also a fun time? You bet! Schedule plenty of time with your besties and who knows, you might even add a new name to your crew.


Now that your birthday season is over, life is slowly moving back to its same old routine. You’re working much more, but this is not a month to start new projects. Instead, you’re putting the finishing touches on the things you’ve already been working on. You’re gonna kill it, bb! BTW, just know that Aquarius season is also a time where a surprise bonus might come your way, if you play your cards right.


Happy birthday!!! This next month is obvs all about you, Aquarius. You’re a sign that tends to focus on helping others before yourself, but it’s okay to be a wee bit selfish right now! What are your goals when it comes to your career, relationship, or personal projects? Find something you really want, figure out how you can go out and get it, and you can make some real magic happen now!


Whenever there’s cosmic action going down in the sign prior to yours (so, Aquarius), it activates your chart’s twelfth house, which governs isolation and completion of cycles. So despite Aquarius season’s social vibes, you’re actually spending waaaaay more time alone. Any projects you never fully dealt with are coming back around now, and yes, that includes your ex-flame and that friend you had a bad falling out with. Deal with these people/issues as they come and take plenty of R&R time when you can, because this month is all about giving yourself a “clean slate.” That way, when Pisces season rolls around, you’ll be the best version of yourself!

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