Save over 20% on this barbell set that comes with livestream workouts

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There are no easy shortcuts when it comes to losing weight and building muscle. Creating a regular exercise routine — and actually sticking to it — is a given if you want to see results by the end of 2021. That being said, there are ways that you can work out smarter without necessarily working harder, even if you can’t get to a gym. Let anaerobic exercise be proof of this.

Anaerobic workouts, such as weightlifting, are characterized by quick bursts of movement performed with maximum effort. As opposed to jogging, swimming, and other popular forms of aerobic workouts, anaerobic ones burn more calories in a shorter amount of time. Strength training in particular helps build more muscle, and as a result, your metabolism tends to increase (muscle burns more calories than fat). And the more calories you can burn in a day, the easier it is to shed any unwanted body fat.

Normally, to access all the different types of equipment needed to get a holistic weight-training workout, you’d head straight to your gym’s weight room. But sharing communal equipment in the midst of a global pandemic doesn’t seem like the ideal scenario. To get back into your pre-quarantine shape, opt for the AXLE Versatile Olympic Barbell and its accompanying live workouts instead.

This hybrid resistance and weight trainer allows fitness enthusiasts to reap the benefits of anaerobic exercise at home. With the barbell, users can enjoy traditional movements like bench presses, deadlifts, front squats, and chest presses. Adding a strength band that you can stand on allows you to mimic weightlifting circuits without needing to buy bulky weights. And if you do want to load on plates and make your workouts even more challenging, the 11.2-pound, 55-inch barbell allows users to tack on any standard Olympic weight plate, ranging from two pounds all the way up to 20 kilograms. It comes with 19-inch wheels you can use for moves like ab rollouts or simply assist in easy plate loading, since the wheels are bigger than most plates. When you’re finished with your workout for the day, the equipment breaks down easily into compact, collapsible pieces for seamless storage.

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