Royal Commentator Says Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis Won't Have the 'Freedom' to Make Prince Harry's Choice: 'There Is No Way'

TL; DR: 

  • Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis are “spares” behind their older brother, Prince George, in the line of succession.
  • A royal commentator says it’s unlikely they’ll be able to make a “similar choice” to Prince Harry, who stepped back from senior royal life.
  • They added Prince William’s younger children will have “intense” pressure on them to keep the monarchy going.

Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis aren’t heirs to the throne like their older brother, Prince George. However, according to a commentator, their futures might also be mapped out for them. Following in Prince Harry‘s footsteps and saying goodbye to senior royal life may not be an option. A royal journalist says there’s “no way” Charlotte and Louis will have the same “freedom” as their Duke of Sussex uncle. Plus, why the futures of all three of Prince William and Kate Middleton’s children are already decided.

Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis are behind Prince George in the line of succession

How the oyal family’s line of succession works, Charlotte and Louis will only ever lead the monarchy if George weren’t there to do the job. As it stands, the 8-year-old is in line to become king someday. But first, his grandfather, Prince Charles, has to take the throne followed by his father, the Duke of Cambridge.

So, not unlike Harry, Charlotte and Louis are what one might call “spares.” Meanwhile, George is the “heir.” He has been since the day William and the Duchess of Cambridge became parents in July 2013. 

A royal commentator says there’s ‘no way’ the children will be able to make a ‘similar choice’ to Prince Harry

The Duke of Sussex stepped down as a senior royal along with his wife, Meghan Markle, in 2020. But don’t expect it to happen with William’s younger children when they grow up. According to royal commentator Daniela Elser, stepping out of the royal spotlight won’t be an option for Charlotte and Louis. 

As she wrote in the New Zealand Herald, Charlotte, 7, and Louis, 4, will have to stick around. Why? To represent the slimmed-down monarchy. 

“There is no way that I can see that, at this stage, Charlotte and Louis will have anywhere near the latitude and freedom to ever make a similar choice,” to Harry, she wrote.

“The only possible candidates to step in and help [George] carry the burden here are his siblings, meaning that, like it or not, all three of the Cambridge children could very well be dragooned into working royal life, whether they fancy the gig or not,” she explained. 

Prince Louis and Princess Charlotte will be expected to keep the monarchy going

It’s unlikely Charlotte and Louis will ever become king or queen. Although that doesn’t mean they won’t hold important positions in the royal family. As Elser wrote, they’re going to be relied upon to keep things going. 

“The pressure on them is going to be intense to help ensure the survival of the British monarchy, an institution which can easily be traced back to the ninth century,” she said. “Imagine having the weight of more than 1,200 years of history constantly on your shoulders.”

Elser added it must be particularly “painful” for Kate. “While other kids look at the future with goggle-eyed wonder, her children’s paths look set in Portland stone,” she wrote. Essentially leaving George, and possibly Charlotte and Louis, without the “privilege”  and “simple joy of imagining what you might be when you grow up.” 

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