Recruiter is urged to shame a job applicant who refused an interview

Recruiter Kamran Chaudhry reveals job-seeker who shares ‘racist’ and ‘anti-BLM’ social media posts rejected an interview because his NAME ‘put him off’ – and says ‘this s*** happens every day’

  • A job seeker rejected an interview with Kamran Chaudhry because of his name
  • Edinburgh-based recruitment consultant shared their exchange on Twitter
  • He discovered the prospective interviewee had made racists post on Facebook 
  • Many responses urged Kamran to publicly name and shame the job seeker 

A recruitment consultant has shared the shocking discrimination he received from a job seeker after offering an interview opportunity.

Kamran Chaudhry, who lives in Edinburgh, shared a snap on Twitter of an exchange with a prospective employee who had rejected his offer of an interview because of his name.

He explained that he was stunned by the response of the candidate and when he searched for the job seeker’s social media profiles, he discovered that the individual had a history of posting racist content on Facebook.

Outraged responses to Kamran’s tweet urged him to publicly name and shame the job seeker, while also offering them their support.

Recruitment consultant Kamran Chaudhry,  who lives in Edinburgh, received an email from a job seeker rejecting his offer for an interview because of his name (pictured)

Kamran (pictured) admitted he was baffled by the prospective interviewees responses to his offer of an interview 

Kamran shared the exchange on Twitter to shed light on the racism that he and others encounter on a ‘daily basis’

Shocked by the encounter, Kamran shared a screenshot of the email sent by the job seeker with the caption: ‘Can’t actually believe I’ve emailed someone to give them an interview for a job and this is the response I got. Baffled.

‘Proof that this s*** still exists on a daily basis for some of us.’

The post racked up almost 6,000 re-tweets and hundreds of comments from unimpressed Twitter users.

In an updated, Kamran penned: ‘People asking me to name and shame – I can’t because of GDPR. Can also confirm I’ve found his Facebook and it’s full of racism and anti-BLM posts. Madness to me. Thanks for all the kind words and love, I’m all good.’ 

The recruitment consultant said he found the job seeker’s Facebook profile and was stunned to see a number of racist and anti-Black Lives Matter posts 

Many responses to the post urged Kamran to name and shame the job seeker and reiterated the importance of employers checking social media in their selection process.

One person said: ‘Call the job centre and let them know. I’m not a grass BUT this kind of daft racism needs consequences and your hands are tired because of GDPR and your career.’

‘You could reply and ‘if that is the way you feel, we do not want you to work for us either…’ many employers checking social media for this type of issue as part of the selection process. So important nowadays. You will find an amazing, much more suitable candidate,’ another penned.

A third added: ‘So sorry, this is just vile. Just one example of the everyday racism that people have to ensue. Things that happen quietly and fly under the radar. I feel sorry for the company that take her on… wherever you go, there you are. Hope you are ok’

Kamran’s post racked up almost 6,000 re-tweets as many Twitter users urged him to publicly shame the candidate

Others told Kamran that he has been lucky to have avoided having an interview with the job seeker. 

‘All I can say is he has saved you the effort of having to interview a person who is obviously pretty vile & would never have fit in with any inclusive team!

‘If he came through an agency, I hope you have fed this back to that agency as I’m sure that would not be in breech of GDPR,’ wrote one. 

Another said: ‘Nasty stuff. But just imagine having someone like that in the workplace. In my very long working experience, these vile people are gradually become a dwindling minority.’  

Other responses to Kamran’s post attempted to reassure him that he was lucky to have avoided interviewing the racist candidate 

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