Psychologist reveals 9 signs you may be emotionally exhausted

Are YOU emotionally exhausted? Psychologist reveals 9 signs – from pushing people away to feeling unfulfilled and being constantly irritated

  • Dr. Lalitaa Suglani is a Chartered Psychologist who is based in Birmingham
  • She creates content about mental health topics for her following on Instagram
  • In a recent post, she revealed nine signs you may be emotionally exhausted
  • Among them are pushing people away, feeling unfulfilled, and feeling irritated

A psychologist has revealed nine signs you may be suffering from emotional exhaustion – and they include regularly feeling irritated and tearful.  

Dr Lalitaa Suglani, a chartered psychologist based in Birmingham, shared the information in a post on Instagram, where she has some 105,000 followers. 

In her post, she outlined what emotional exhaustion is, and how it is different to the kinds of day-to-day stress most people might expect to experience.

She wrote: ‘Experiencing some daily stress and anxiety is normal, but over time, chronic stress can take a toll on the body. 

Are you suffering from emotional exhaustion? A chartered psychologist has outlined nine signs, including regularly feeling irritated and tearful (stock image)

‘Emotional exhaustion is caused by a long period of constant life stress, whether from personal stress at home or stress related to work.’ 

Dr Lalitaa added that what triggers emotional exhaustion is not the same for everyone, and in fact ‘differs from person to person’. 

Dr Lalitaa Suglani shares 9 signs of emotional exhaustion

1. Everything you do feels forced.

2. You isolate yourself by pushing people away.

3. You don’t feel fulfilled.

4. You find it difficult to concentrate or pay attention.

5. You often feel irritated.

6. You lack motivation and purpose and feel empty.

7. You start crying unexpectedly.

8. You feel overwhelmed and/or anxious.

9. You are impatient with others and can lack compassion.

She explained: ‘What might be stressful for one person can be completely manageable for another person.’

The first of the nine signs of emotional exhaustion Dr Lalitaa that shared is that everything you do feels forced.

Further signs were that you isolate yourself by pushing people away, and that you don’t feel fulfilled.

Additional signs of emotional exhaustion include finding it difficult to concentrate or pay attention, often feeling irritated, and lacking motivation and purpose, while feeling empty.

The final three signs she shared are crying unexpectedly, feeling overwhelmed and/or anxious, and being impatient with others, possibly while lacking compassion.

According to Dr Lalitaa, emotional exhaustion is ‘one of the signs of burnout’. 

However, being emotionally exhausted does not mean that burnout is inevitable. 

She said: ‘Making small changes in your daily habits can help manage your symptoms and prevent emotional burnout.’

The psychologist, who said she will be sharing information in future posts about how to manage emotions, noted that people who are struggling should seek assistance.

She wrote: ‘Emotional exhaustion, feelings of hopelessness, and lack of life purpose can be overwhelming – it’s never too late to get help.’ 

Several users shared their own experiences in the comments section of the post, suggesting that emotional exhaustion is a topic people are keen to hear information about

A number of Instagram users took to the post to open up about their own feelings, with some revealing that they are experiencing the signs Dr Lalitaa outlined in her post.

One wrote: ‘I have all the signs.’

Another added: ‘I’ve had this for 6+ years and it’s true it does build up. Not a lot i can do about it though as it’s an ongoing problem that i have no control over.’

And a third simply wrote: ‘Emotionally Exhausted.’ 

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