Proposal ideas: The 10 unique ways to pop the question this Christmas

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Christmas is undeniably one of the most magical and romantic times of the year, making it the perfect time to take your relationship to the next level and propose to your other half. Think your partner will see the big question coming? Don’t worry, chatted to the Jeweller Tim Ingle, from Ingle & Rhode to find out the most romantic and unique ways to propose on Christmas day – they won’t suspect a thing!

Forget Valentine’s Day and New Year’s Eve, Christmas Day is reportedly the best time of year to ask your partner to marry you.

Jeweller Tim Ingle, of Ingle & Rhode, said: “Being proposed to is an exciting endeavour all year round, however, there is something about the magic of Christmas that just makes it that much more special!

“Although Christmas has always been a popular day for asking the big question, last year’s restrictions caused many hopeful newlyweds to hold back.

“This year, we are encouraging men and women alike to get creative before getting down on one knee this Christmas.”

Here are 10 special ways to ask your partner to marry you during the festive period.

Deck the halls with rings and holly

Sure to grab the attention of any diamond lover, hopeful romantics should place a loop of ribbon onto the ring box and place it on the Christmas tree.

Tim said: “The ring will sit on the tree waiting to catch the eye of the spouse-to-be!

“Alternatively, for those who are yet to put the decorations up, place the ring box in amongst all the other baubles and await the moment of confusion-turned-excitement when the ring is found!”

Cosy by the fireplace

Plan a romantic evening in front of the roaring fire and tuck the ring box away in a safe spot close to the fireplace.

Tim said; “The hopeful proposer should then appear to stake the fire and instead turn around with the open ring box in hand, ready and waiting for the surprise and shock from their partner!”


We all love a delicious selection box on Christmas, so why not combine your proposal with a chocolate feast?

Tim said: “Much better than the average selection box and sure to delight, hopeful romantics can wrap up personalised chocolates that read ‘Will you marry me’ and nervously await the response!

“This two-in-one tasty and adorable gift will definitely be one to remember for years to come.”

Gifts galore

Unwrapping presents is one of the most exciting things about the festive period and makes the perfect excuse to get your partner to unsuspectingly open a box.

Tim said: “Those hoping to propose in a way that truly surprises their partner should wrap up a series of gifts, whether they be small or large, and number them.

“The receiver will be unwrapping all of the presents until reaching the engagement ring at the very end!”

A cracker of a proposal

Cracker fillers are known for being a bit disappointing, so your partner will be really caught off guard when a ring comes out of their cracker.

Tim said: “Fill-your-own Christmas crackers are easy to put together and super effective for causing a big shock!

“Presentation is key here as the cracker will need to look unassuming and blend it with the Christmas table decorations.

“Once ready to take the plunge and pop the question, the proposer just needs to make sure the cracker ends up in the hands of the right person, and let them win!”

Stick to traditions

Most families indulge in lots of festive traditions around the Christmas season, and weaving a proposal into one of those can make the day even more sentimental.

Tim suggested: “Whether that means placing the ring in the homemade decorations or baking it into a Christmas dessert, just make sure everyone else is aware of the plan and doesn’t blow the operation!”

I love you snow much

You don’t need a crowd or a super intricate plan to impress your fiance-to-be.

Tim said: “Wrap up warm, grab a hot drink and get cosy with your partner on a long winter’s walk before simply kneeling and popping the question.

“This one might be best reserved for snowy weather for optimum Christmas magic!

“It’s the perfect choice for those who live near a beauty spot or have fond memories from a specific location.”

Christmas treasure hunt

For those who are creative and love an adventure, an engagement ring treasure hunt is the perfect opportunity to pop the question!

Tim said: “Keep the clues simple and make sure the last one is in a place that is special and holds loving memories.”

Santa’s little helpers

For anyone with children or pets, getting them involved in the proposal is a great way to spark joy and make the engagement even more adorable.

Tim said: “Children responsible enough to be trusted with such a prized possession can enter a room holding the ring box.

“Or, pets can adorn the ring box on a ribbon loosely around their necks or from their collars for optimum cuteness!”

Go carolling

If you’re a keen singer, you should use your vocals in your proposal.

Tim said: “The hopeful proposer will need to find an excuse to leave the house, and then knock on the door as if they were a carol singer.

“After singing a few lines the lyrics can be swapped to ‘will you marry me?’”

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