People with eagle eyes can spot hidden ball within 38 secs in optical illusion

Optical illusions aren't always going to be easy to solve.

Often brainteasers will leave people scratching their heads for hours or even days.

Now the latest puzzle won't just keep you busy for a while, but it could make you go barking mad.

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Lords and Labradors created the tricky brainteaser to challenge you to spot the hidden ball among the cute dogs.

On average it takes 38 seconds to spot the item which has been cleverly concealed by the dogs and accessories.

In the image, there's dog beds, treats and various objects belonging to our furry friends.

So can you solve it in time? If you do, let us know in the comments section below!

The new brainteaser promises to leave even the most eagle-eyed Brits scratching their heads in search for the toy.

It's been created and shared by Lords and Labradors to test its readers to find the ball among the adorable dogs.

Although it takes an average 38 seconds to find the toy, if you do it quicker, it could mean you've got good eyes.

Scroll down for the answer…

A third of those who tried the puzzle admitted defeat and gave up on trying to find the ball.

Still struggling to track down the dog ball?

Don't worry as you can just check the answer below to see where the pesky ball has been hiding all this time.

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Looking for more optical illusions?

Previously, people with sharp eyes were tested to spot the hidden face in the illusion.

In the image, it shows a portrait of a young girl.

But apparently there's another face there, one of an older woman to be exact.

At first when you look at the photo, you can't imagine there being another face.

And on another occasion, a brainteaser with two odd dice baffled people as only smart players can spot it.

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