People reveal what it's like to have 'cheap' parents on Whisper

Cheap is NOT cheerful! Children of stingy parents reveal their meanest habits – from forcing them to bathe in rainwater to giving stolen goods as gifts

  • Children of stingy parents from around the world have shared stories on Whisper
  • One woman steals towels from the gym, another uses may jars for hot drinks
  • Many were at pains to insist that their parents are comfortably off 
  • A man recalled how father used to make him bathe in rainwater to save on bills 

There’s nothing wrong with being thrifty or sticking to a budget, but sometimes frugality can cross the line from sensible to stingy – and it’s not an attractive quality. 

People from around the world have taken to the anonymous secrets sharing app Whisper to reveal how they’ve been embarassed by their parents being ‘cheap’.

Many were at pains to add that their mothers and fathers are not actually struggling for money, but are simply too stingy to pay for basics such as mugs, with one claiming that her mother saves mayonnaise jars to serve tea and coffee in. 

Scrimping on food was a bugbear for several posters, with one claiming she got food poisoning on multiple occasions because her mother fed her out-of-date product, and another who was mortified when her dad stole fruit from a neighbour’s garden to take to parties. 

Elsewhere, a woman was left unimpressed to receive a stolen hat as a Christmas gift from her penny-pinching father.   

People from around the world have taken to the anonymous secrets sharing app Whisper to reveal how they’ve been embarassed by their parents being ‘cheap’, including a woman who got a stolen hat for Christmas 

Pushing the limits! One woman was shocked when she got into trouble for trying to clean up after a nose bleed

Posioned relationship! One woman claims she was made ill by her mother (not pictured) who insists on buying food that’s gone out of date 

Not drowning in money! Growing up in Georgia, this Whisper user got used to bathing in rain water because their father wanted to save on bills 

That takes the (pan) cake! Being thrifty is one thing, but putting sauce that’s already been on someone’s plate back in the bottle is not pleasant

At least she didn’t wear white! A woman from the US was left mortified by her mother’s choice of outfit for a family wedding (not pictured), even though she could afford to wear something smart 

Cherry on top! An individual from Utah recalled how their father was too cheap to buy a gift and would bring stolen fruit to parties 

That’s a bit rich! Despite being well off, one man from Indiana banned his children from ordering anything above $3 at fast food restaurants 

What a mug! A woman from Florida recalled her mother washing out glass jars to use for hot drinks rather than buying cups 

What a dog’s life! A woman from Texas was left horrified by her mother who refused to ‘waste’ paper towels while potty training her puppy 

Here’s a tip, be more generous! Eating out with this stingy dad in Texas inevitably ends in embarassment for his dining companions 

Getting the most from a gym membership! A New Yorker was not impressed by their mother taking towels for the house 

Put it back, Dad! There’s nothing more mortifying that plifering from a grocery store 

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