People reveal the secrets they regret telling their partner

Honesty is NOT always the best policy! People reveal things they regret telling their partners – from sex confessions to secret therapy sessions

  • People from around the world shared the secrets they regret telling their partner
  • Many said they were treated differently after speaking about their sex life
  • A man revealed the regret of promising to raise his girlfriend’s child 

Many people embrace the idea that honesty is best for maintaining a lasting relationship. 

But these confessions prove that telling the truth can sometimes cause more harm than good.

People from around the world took to anonymous confessions app Whisper to share the regret they’ve experienced after speaking candidly to their partner.

Many revealed the dynamics of their relationship had been completely changed after speaking openly about their sexuality and past sexual encounters.   

Another person claims their relationship changed after they admitted to cheating.

People from around the world revealed the things they regret telling their partner, including a woman who says her partner began advising her to talk to a therapist 

A man who promised his girlfriend that he wants to help raise her child, shared his regret as he begins to consider breaking up with her 

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One woman confessed that her relationship of three years has been ruined by her willingness to discuss her past sex life 

Another revealed her boyfriend is reluctant to give into her changing views on waiting until marriage to have sex

A woman who told her boyfriend that she doesn’t want to get married or have children confessed her regret as her desire for a family grows

One man revealed his regret after telling his girlfriend that he’s considered kissing someone else, despite having no intentions to act on his desire

Another person told how their partner had begun asking inappropriate questions since they opened up about their sexuality

A woman who struggles for money revealed she regrets sharing her woes with her boyfriend because he always spends on her

One woman revealed her boyfriend began treating her differently after she told him about her bipolar diagnoses 

Another woman said she regrets telling her boyfriend that she’s pregnant because he thinks he’s trapped with her 

A woman who told her boyfriend she hate’s him out of anger, says her boyfriend now struggles to believe that she loves him

One woman confessed she regrets telling her boyfriend that she cheater, after finding out that he has also cheated

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