Our neighbour took our parcel two weeks ago and still hasn't brought it back

DEAR DEIDRE:  WE don’t have anything to do with our neighbour but she took in a parcel of ours two weeks ago and hasn’t brought it back.

Isn’t that theft? One evening she banged on our adjoining wall while we were arguing and ever since then I’ve avoided her. My husband and I are both 34.

This neighbour looks like she’s in her sixties. She has been living in the terraced house next door for a year.

We normally put a sign on our front door asking for delivery men to drop any parcels around at the back door but forgot on this occasion. We’ve never asked her to take things in for us so why did she take this?

I don’t want to go around there and isn’t the onus on her to return the parcel?

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DEIDRE SAYS:  Perhaps you have been avoiding your neighbour because you are embarrassed.

Don’t overthink this – just pop around and ask politely for your package.

If the argument comes up, simply dismiss it as “a lively conversation”.

Then move on and enjoy the contents of your package.

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