‘Neighbour from hell’ mum banned from letting anyone in home says she’s victim

A party loving mum forbidden from having guests at her house has called out her neighbours following the ban.

According to her neighbours Kelly Barraclough partied until the early hours of the morning "three or four times a week" over several months at her Hull, Yorkshire home.

She was taken to Hull Magistrates Court following complaints about “raised voices and loud music” constantly blaring out of the premises, the Hull Daily Mail reported .

After a young expectant mum told Hull Live that Kelly was making her life a "living hell", the under fire reveller hit back.

The 32-year-old said: “I know what they’ve all been making out. I had parties but they were at Christmas time – everyone has parties at Christmas.

“I’ve had people coming round for a drink on a weekend but they’re more social gatherings. It’s just a couple of my friends.

“I’ve never seen any threatening behaviour and the noise is not always coming from my address.

“People have got it in for me. I’m part of the community here and the people that are making these statements about me are the ones that no one really likes.

“I will go out outside, associate with neighbours, have a laugh and sit out on the front.

“I’m certainly not the first person around here that has been a victim of one neighbour’s complaints.

"I’m the victim in this sense and part of a wider campaign and there are six or seven other residents who have also been victims.”

While denying she is responsible for a damage to a nearby property's electric meter as alleged, Kelly said she would stick to her closure order for fear of losing her Hull City Council rented house.

“If I have a couple of people round and it gets a little noisy it doesn’t take much for a neighbour to knock and say ‘can you be quiet please?’," she added.

“I’ve got this notice now which is fine. I won’t have any people in my house for the next year if I’m allowed to stay here.

“I know there are problems with next door but I want to build bridges.”

Outside Kelly's house there are piles of rubbish which she claims is a result of a recent clear out.

A window at the front of her property is covered with a metal shutter, which Kelly said comes after vandals smashed it.

She said: “I came back from somewhere and someone had smashed my window and got in through my back door. It’s just  vandalism .

“My son is living with his dad for the time being because I’m not having him in this house while it’s got a broken window.

“I want to keep my house and do it up because it’s easier for my son to come back here instead of going through the whole  housing  process.”

Kelly's response comes in the days after neighbours calls out her domestic behaviour.

One elderly resident said her life has been 'horrendous' ever since Barraclough’s rowdy house parties started.

She said: "You hear screaming and shouting and last night my electric meter got broken which turned all my power off.

"They throw stones at my windows and it’s like a siege. Apparently her house has been wrecked and it’s unlivable.

"We’re just worn out as we’re not getting any sleep. When it all started she was just having the odd party on a weekend but now the house is often full and you get a load of abuse.

Another woman said her grandchildren stopped visiting her because 'it's intimidating' with lots of people around and there's always drinking and bad language.

Barraclough was served with an abatement notice by the council on April 3, 2019, and is due to appear before  Hull Magistrates Court  on July 5 for five breaches of that notice.

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