My neighbours had noisy sex while I was home with my 4-year-old

My neighbours had noisy hot tub sex while I was in the garden with my four-year-old – I want to send an anonymous note but I’m scared they’ll know it’s from me

  • A woman took to Mumsnet to complain about her neighbours’ ‘loud’ sex
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A mother has been left disgusted after overhearing her neighbours having ‘incredibly loud sex’ in a hot tub while she was home with her four-year-old.

Sharing her dilemma on the UK parenting forum Mumsnet, the woman explained how the incident took place at 6:30 in the evening when she was playing in the garden with her son.

The anonymous woman detailed that the neighbours lived only two doors down, and that such sounds were unacceptable at a ‘family friendly time of day.’

After a series of awkward questions from her son, the woman turned to the parenting site for advice on how to confront her neighbours without embarrassing them.

She said: ‘Our neighbours two doors down were in their hot tub at 6.30 this evening when they started having incredibly loud sex for about 15 minutes (primarily her moaning ‘oh god’ leading up to her pretty much screaming).’ 

A woman says she’s disgusted with her neighbours for having ‘incredibly loud sex’ in a hot tub while her young son was within earshot (stock image)

‘We were in the garden with our four-year-old and had to take him inside as he was asking a lot of questions about the sounds.’

‘I’m quite disgusted that someone would think that acceptable at a family friendly time of day.’

‘A friend suggested an anonymous note telling them I don’t wish to be involved in their sex life, but they have a Ring doorbell so it wouldn’t be very anonymous.’

‘How do I get the message across for them to get a room without causing red faces all round?’

To begin with, other members of the forum came up with petty ways to retaliate if the couple decide to do it again. 

One person replied: ‘Start moaning in the offbeats.’

‘Wait until the end and shout, “She’s faking it!”‘ replied another.

Someone else said: ‘Get one of those horns that sound at football matches’ 

The anonymous woman sought advice from Mumsnet on how to confront her neighbours without embarrassing them

Many people suggested the poster retaliate by being petty, with one even advising her to moan back at her neighbours

And a fourth said: ‘Time to play Bump and Grind on a loud speaker.’ 

Meanwhile, other commenters confessed to being caught up in similar experiences, with one adding: ‘Ew. Me and my husband sometimes have sex in the garden (it’s not overlooked by anyone) but part of it is keeping quiet, no one wants to hear anyone else having sex. And if they do then you probably don’t want them hearing!’ 

Another confessed: ‘I’ve been overheard/seen on holiday (my husband and I forgot to close the room door) and a loud wolf whistle from the corridor drew it to our attention – eventually! It’s all in good fun, your son won’t be scarred for life. Applause and play something sexy.’

One person gave the poster legal advice and advised her to report the matter to the police, writing: ‘It is actually something you can report to the police. Having sex in the garden could result in an arrest for breaches relating to outraging public decency which is contrary to the common law.’

‘A person would also be in breach of the Public Order Act 1986 if the sexual act causes alarm or distress to members of the public. It is also an offence to expose one’s genitals intentionally, which is contrary to the Sexual Offences Act 2003.’

‘Whether a prosecution will follow from having sex in the garden will likely turn on how exposed or secluded the garden is to members of the public. If a neighbour has sufficient evidence, this could potentially result in a prosecution.’ 

And one more advised: ‘Put a letter in the post but don’t forget to disguise your handwriting.’ 

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