My ex stole tea bags from mine to drink with other woman after he bonked her

Cheating is never nice or the moral thing to do but this one woman’s tale of deceit has a very dark twist – and it is incredibly British.

Elle Haggerty has gone viral on Twitter for airing her unfortunate part in a love that was not meant to be.

She reassured that if anyone was having a bad day that her ordeal certainly would put things into perspective.

A lad Elle was seeing grabbed some very patriotic goods before he left her house, and by that we mean tea bags.

Nothing beats a great British cuppa, and the lothario obviously felt the same.

Under her twitter account @ellehaggertyx, Elle revealed: “If anyone's having a bad day just remember that the guy I was seeing was leaving mine with tea bags from MY house and taking them down to another girls to have a cuppa after he sh***ed her.”

The sneaky lad took the sacred tea bags from Elle’s house to drink a cuppa with the ‘other’ woman after a steamy session instead of buying his own…brutal!

In shock about the audacity to not only go behind her back but to steal her teabags in his debauchery as well, many people fled to the comments to have their say.

One person commented: “Still shocked at this. Why would he be stealing teabags? That’s such lowlife behaviour.”

Another user added: “That’s so low.”

Whilst a third mocked: “If it makes you feel any better they was probably having the cuppa before he shagged her, no man hangs round for a brew.

“Hope this helps.”

Someone else gasped: “I would seek vengeance for sure.”

Meanwhile, a fifth person chuckled: “This is criminally British.”

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