My ex is threatening to send our sex tapes to my new boss unless I pay her

My ex is threatening to email X-rated videos and snaps of me to my new boss unless I give her cash.

She thinks she can frighten me into having her back. But I’m done with the woman.

I’ve spent the past two years being bullied and insulted by her and I want out. Hooking up with her in 2021 was the biggest mistake of my life.

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Friends warned that she was bad news, but I wouldn’t listen.

I was so blinded by her good looks and sex appeal that I convinced myself that I could handle her. I was wrong.

Within weeks of getting with her she was bossing me around and calling the shots.

She wanted money, gifts, and fun times. But, most of all, she craved attention. She expected me to ring, text or message her 30 times a day.

One afternoon, last December, I got a call from an old mate who was in trouble. He was stressed and saying some stupid stuff. I went round to calm him down.

All he wanted to do was talk. I could feel my phone vibrating in my pocket – I knew my ex was trying to find out where I was.

Eventually I went to the loo and texted that I was tied up. She went nuts. She accused me of being holed up in a hotel room with another woman. She simply wouldn’t accept that I needed to dedicate time to a guy in trouble.

Yes, admittedly, our eventual make-up sex was intense. We made red-hot videos and took horny pictures, but I was left feeling conflicted and hollow.

I finished with her last month when she called my mum and accusing her of dominating my time. My mum has cancer and does not have long to live.

JANE SAYS: Your deluded ex is desperate and being ridiculous. She believes she holds all the cards but she’s not above the law. She is committing a crime by threatening to blackmail you.

You must break her power. You have to get in quickly and expose her for the opportunistic fool she is.

Talk to a family member or another trusted adult.

Explain about the X-rated pictures and videos and what she’s threatening to do with them. Don’t spare the details because the people who love you need to be aware of everything affecting you.

Discuss reporting her to the police – and then do it.

Above all, you need to put the past behind you and reclaim your life, because this has gone too far. You’re only human; you fell for a nightmare.

You failed to listen to your friends when they warned you, but you won’t make that mistake again.

Take dating off the menu while you support and care for your sick mother.

Give your new boss your best efforts because it’s the real people who matter now.

I suspect that your self-obsessed ex will go on to suck the life out of her next victim, but she is now history – and irrelevant.


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