My ex cut my daughter out of his life after she wrote off his car

DEAR DEIDRE: MY ex-partner has cut my daughter of 28 completely out of his life. She’s really suffering over it.

She was just two when me and my ex got together.

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He was a wonderful dad but she went off the rails at 15. She would steal from us, got into drinking and was always in trouble with the police for making a nuisance of herself.

When she was 16 she wrote off my ex’s new car he had bought that day and was yet to insure. She wasn’t hurt but he lost all his money.

We split up two years after that.

Our younger children still see their father.

My daughter has just had a baby and she’s longing to show him to her father but he isn’t interested.

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She’s turned a corner and is a great mum but I’m stuck in the middle.

I’m 48 and my ex is 50. We still get along great but he says if I keep pushing him to see my daughter, we are going to have a real falling out.

DEIDRE SAYS: You enjoy an amicable relationship with him, so keep it that way.

Your daughter is an adult and she will have to find her own way of resolving this situation.

An apology about her behaviour in her teens and writing off his car might go a long way towards making him realise she is not that person any longer.

Family Lives (, 0808 800 2222) offers support about a child of any age.

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