My best mate's addiction to Fortnite is worrying me – I miss his company | The Sun

DEAR DEIDRE: I THINK my best mate is addicted to Fortnite.

He spends 99 per cent of his free time playing it and I believe he needs help.

We’re both 15 and have been mates since we started secondary school.

He never wants to hang out anymore, and he has given up football.

All he wants to do is play computer games. He doesn’t talk about anything else.

I miss his company and am worried, as this can’t be healthy. What can I do?

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DEIDRE SAYS: Tell him you’re concerned he has a problem and let him know you miss his friendship.

But unless he agrees there’s an issue, you can’t make him get help.

Video Game Addiction (, 0800 138 0722) can support you to help him.

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