Mum-of-22 throws luxury Christmas breakfast for kids to celebrate festive season

Christmas can be costly and so we wouldn’t blame Brits with children if they stuck to cereal and juice for breakfast over the holidays.

But, it seems not everyone is happy to keep things simple in December – even when they have a whopping 22 children and seven grandchildren.

Sue Radford, 46, is mum to Britain’s biggest family, but she doesn’t let that stop her from going big on Christmas morning.

The mum-of-22 and her husband, Noel, 50, showed off a North Pole-themed breakfast table this week which delighted the little ones.

Sue is mum to Chris, 32, Sophie, 27, Chloe, 26, Jack, 24, Daniel, 22, Luke, 21, Millie, 20, Katie, 19, James, 18, Ellie, 16, Aimee, 15, Josh, 14, Max, 12, Tillie, 11, Oscar, 10, Casper, nine, Hallie, six, Phoebe, five, Archie, four, Bonnie, three, and Heidie, one.

And, their festive table provided a veritable feast to tuck into and was organised as a welcome party for the family’s Elf on the Shelf elves.

The little elves are set up every morning in fun poses to delight the kids with their cheeky overnight antics in the lead up to Santa’s arrival.

The table was laid with a festive cloth and themed plates, cups and straws. Plus, each child had a cracker to pull that sat on their plates.

Sue had strewn candy canes around the table settings alongside Christmas chocolates shaped like snowflakes.

But what did her brood get to chow down on? Sue created a sweet feast of pancakes, chocolate crepes and pan au chocolate.

Plus, there was Nutella and maple syrup on the table for the pancakes and fresh strawberries and bananas.

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Yum! To drink, the kids could enjoy a cool chocolate milk or hot chocolate.

And, the kids were handed their advent calendars at the table – a gin version for dad Noel, who enjoyed a sip at the table, plus Body Shop calendars for the elder girls and Playmobil or chocolate for the smaller kids.

It all sounds simply magical! The Radfords live a millionaire lifestyle in their 10-bedroom former care home house with Range Rovers, £6,500 fridge. But, they defend their money and say they don't rely on benefits.

Sue said they've "worked extremely hard to get to where we are now" and they have not only their bakery but a "media company" they "work very hard on".

Do you have any family traditions in December? Tell us about it in the comments…

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