Mum in stitches as son innocently creates penis-shaped unicorn balloon animal

A mum who treated her kids out to a day at the circus was left giggling as her children took part in some balloon-making.

The parent said her son wanted a "pretty Unicorn" in the balloon-making session.

However, it had come out accidentally looking a bit X-rated.

The woman took to Mumsnet to reveal the hilarious balloon mishap.

She said the balloon had looked innocent at first until her kids had started playing with it.

The mum shared: "Went to the Big Top yesterday to take in a show, the clown did balloon models as a sideline, so far so good.

"My son decided he wanted a pretty unicorn, which I yielded to, think the worst that could happen would be that it went bang in the car on the way home.

"Miraculously, the aforementioned unicorn survived all afternoon."

She continued: "I have just come into the lounge to be confronted with the 4 and 2-year-olds innocently playing with what can only be described as an engorged pink balloon phallus, complete with b**l**d, hefty b*****ks and long white j**z 'garnish'.

"I could barely keep a straight face spiriting it away, and my husband couldn't actually speak for a full minute when I showed him what was left of the thing.

"Anyone else's kids inadvertently create something dodgy?"

People were left giggling over the balloon mishap.

One wrote: "The internet would be a much dimmer place without Mumsnet forum."

While another added: "This is that rare Mumsnet post that's just quite funny."

A third person joked: "Unicorn to unihorn."

Another mother has hit headlines this week after she complained a Home Bargains Christmas jumper was 'offensive' on Mumsnet.

The jumper in question has a picture of a melted snowman on it, with the slogan: 'I'm having a meltdown'.

The mum says she associates the word meltdown with autism, which is why it didn't 'sit right' with her.

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