Mum dresses up in different Halloween costume every day for the school run

The school run isn’t exactly fun – it’s hectic and everyone is tired after a long day.

But one mum is determined to make picking up her four sons a bit more fun this month as she says she wants to show them how to be confident and to spread happiness to others.

In the build-up to Halloween, Carrie Motley, from Sacramento, California, is dressing in a different costume each day to meet her kids after school.

Carrie, who has been carrying out the tradition for the last six years, has a whole range of ideas from the Cookie Monster to the Golden Snitch from Harry Potter and she makes every costume herself.

Her four boys Ryan, 16, sean, 14, Kyle, 11 and Cade, eight, initially weren’t fans of the costumes but now they embrace their mum’s dressing up and even join in sometimes.

Carrie explained: ‘I think my goal to build courage and confidence has definitely worked with my kids! They have even said so. I know I got lots of strange looks and questions, lots who wouldn’t make eye contact, the brave ones who talked to me always seemed to enjoy the process more after chatting.’

She picked up the idea from a friend in Virginia who started the costume-a-day idea the year before.

Julie Mudrick started the idea when she noticed her son Luke was ‘taking life a little too seriously’ and she wanted to make him laugh.

Now, which one of these are you going to copy for Halloween?

These are some of our favourites so far this year:

The Cookie Monster

The Golden Snitch

Princess Fiona from Shrek

Black Widow

The Lion King

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