Mum, 42, who looks half her age convinces TikTok users she’s her son’s sister

A woman has left people on TikTok gobsmacked after revealing she is her grown up son's mother – and not his younger sister.

In a clip, Jennii @jenneelicious responds to a comment from a fan who reckons she must have been "minus three years old" when she gave birth to her son.

She then spills the beans that she was 18 when he was born, making her 42 now.

But the glamorous mum looks so youthful people keep mistaking her for her 24-year-old son's younger sister instead.

Jennii has also hit back at trolls who say she should "dress her age" and made a video defending her clothing of choice, such as tight crop tops, PVC leggings, and big hooped earrings.

"I kinda like breaking the rules," she teased in the caption.

The video has been watched more than 1.9 million times and people still can't quite believe the age-defying mum is as old as she claims.

One stunned user wrote: "I thought you meant your boyfriend is three years older than you. Then I realised you are his mum. He looks older than you."

A second commented: "Omg is your son? Amazing. I thought is your man.

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"I'm happy for you mama you did a great job."

"I bet he hates introducing his friends to you," joked another person.

A fourth user wrote: "He's your son? Please god, let me look as good as her when my sons are grown."

This comes after an age-defying gran, 62, who is still working as a gorgeous swimwear model, revealed she is also confused for her son's sister.

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Leslie Carleton said: "I never imagined I'd look the way that I do in my 60s."

She added it was annoying for her sons who were often mistaken for her partners because she looked so young.

Leslie said: "When they were teens they hated it because their friends would call me 'hot'. No son wants to hear that and they are both very protective of me.

"Then as young adults, they hated it when people thought I was their wife or girlfriend, since it sort of ruined their game."

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