Müller launches amazing Strawberry Daiquiri flavoured yoghurt

When it comes to the summer, there's nothing quite like sipping on a delicious cocktail – daiquiri anyone?

If you're after something less boozy to tide you over and to snack on during the day, then a new launch from Müller is sure to wet your whistle.

Müllerlight has just announced it will be launching its first mocktail flavoured yoghurt. Yes, that's right, you can now buy a strawberry daiquiri flavoured yoghurt and if you ask us – it sounds amazing.

From today (July 12) the new flavour will be available to purchase in Morrisons (£2.25 for a six pack), Iceland (£2) and ASDA, with retailers like Ocado soon to follow.

Packs of six have a RRP of £3, but with the new launch many retailers have slashed the price to around the £2 mark – giving us all more than one reason to buy them.

For those wondering, you'll get all of the delicious flavours packed inside the yoghurts, including the sweet and summery taste of strawberries. Full of flavour and minus any alcohol – how good is that?

In a statement about the new launch Müller teased: "Grab those sunnies and a bottle of factor 50, this is not a drill! Dream yourself poolside any time of the day with the new deliciously thick and creamy Müllerlight Summer Mocktail Strawberry Daiquiri flavour yogurt.

"Inspired by the tastes of holiday, this is the ultimate form of at-home escapism with 0% fat, 0% added sugar, and high in protein."

The best news? Each pot has less than 99 calories per serving, which is less calories you'd have, than if you indulged in the summery tipple.

The yoghurts are only limited edition, so we'd recommend checking out one of the available retailers to get your hand on one – as once they're gone, they won't be coming back.

And that's not all from the yoghurt brand, as there's two limited flavours out there to try out.

Last month Müller launched another limited edition Cookie Dough yoghurt flavour, which is available at both Morrisons and Iceland for just 68p per 160q pot.

For those who can't resist the limited edition flavour tastes exactly like cookie dough and features sumptuous sprinkles of dark chocolate pieces throughout.

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