Michael Jordan Brand Donates $1 million To College Journalism & Sports-Related Studies

Michael Jordan is giving back to the Black community in a very big way. He has just announced a $1 million donation to Morehouse College, and is one of many initiatives targeted at bettering the Black community. According to the Associated Press, the gift “will help enrich its journalism and sports program that was originally launched with a donation from director and actor Spike Lee.” This is just one of the ways that Michael Jordan is trying to work towards the fight against systemic racism, and he aims to give educational tools to Black youth to set them on a brighter path towards a more hopeful future.

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Jordan’s generous donation of $1 million is sure to make a huge difference to the local community. It is being used to fund scholarships as well as enhance the programming for students in the fields of journalism and sports related industries. The money will also be used to upgrade the technology used in the school system, to further support these new initiatives.

ESPN reports the VP of Morehouse as saying; “Morehouse is grateful to Michael Jordan and Jordan Brand for an investment in the education of talented men of color who will ensure there is equity, balance, and truth in the way sports stories are framed and the way the Black experience is contextualized within American history.”

Michael Jordan isn’t stopping there. In fact, this incredible donation is just one of many that is part of a broader philanthropic effort that is dedicated to raising awareness and generating funds to better support and elevate the Black community. His initiative is called the Black Community Commitment, and has been credited for giving donations to the Smithsonian Institution’s National Museum of African American History and Culture. He has also guaranteed funds to the Ida B. Wells Society, along with a variety of others.

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Michael Jordan is an icon in the sports world and is recognized on a global scale. There is nobody better suited to deliver the message of sports education and enhancement than he is. He has dedicated his time and effort into this project and tells ESPN that; “education is crucial for understanding the Black experience today. We want to help people understand the truth of our past and help tell the stories that will shape our future.”

Jordan and his team are aware of the fact that people generate perceptions of the black community based on what they see on the news and in Hollywood, and they want to create a new forum that allows a more accurate depiction of the contribution of Black athletes, giving the Black community a new method to convey their real-life stories.

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