Meghan’s decision to publish photos of her at theatre wasn’t an accident

In the world of the influencer where every post is crafted, image is everything.

Meghan’s decision to hand out PR pictures of her laughing at the National Theatre didn’t happen by accident.

It’s understood the Duchess of Sussex made a plea for them to be placed, ensuring maximum coverage as she goes through the last few moments of her life in The Firm.

It’s fair to say operating to a catalogue of rules, with the central pillar being to not upset the family, hasn’t been Harry and Meghan’s strong point.

So it should come as no surprise Meghan went up against Camilla.

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The backdrop of ignoring the wishes of the advisers they sacked is a telling sign of how bad relations are.

The Sussexes wanted out from a lifetime of duty.

It’s just a shame for the rest of the family and loyal staff holding the monarchy together they decided to start before their notice period ends.

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