Meghan Markle's First Trip to Balmoral Is Scheduled — and There's Already Drama

More than a year after officially becoming a member of the royal family, Meghan Markle has finally been bestowed an invitation to spend the weekend at Queen Elizabeth's Scottish residence, Balmoral Castle. 

According to The Sun, the duchess will mark her first visit to the esteemed estate next week with Prince Harry and Archie. However, her trip to the Queen's second home is already stirring up some drama. 

Meghan Markle

At Balmoral, the royal family typically indulges in outdoor activities — like hunting, fly-fishing, and grouse shooting — all of which go against Meghan's vegan lifestyle and activism for animals. Therefore, it's unclear if the duchess will embrace the traditional experience. 

“It is hunting which is perhaps the biggest passion,” royal writer Robert Jobson wrote of the Queen and her guests in The Daily Mail. “Meghan, however, who rather disproves of such blood sports, may choose to feign a headache.” Or, she could use the excuse of having to tend to Baby Archie to avoid these outings. 

During Christmas, Meghan expertly skirted her in-law's Boxing Day tradition, where the royals shoot pheasants and partridges at Sandringham, without incident. Plus, lucky for Meghan, it seems like one of the most popular hunts won't even happen this year because of a dwindling number of game birds.

Regardless, here's to hoping Meghan's inaugural trip to Balmoral goes off without a hitch. 

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