Meghan Markle and Prince Harry Might Be Moving to Malibu

It might not be long until Meghan Markle marks her Hollywood homecoming. Earlier in May, it was reported that the former actress and Prince Harry were hunting for a second home in California, and, now it appears as if they narrowed down their search to the bougie beach community of Malibu. 

According to Edmund Fry, the man who gave Meghan Markle her royal etiquette lessons before marrying Prince Harry, the duchess is understandably feeling a little homesick.

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"Meghan and Harry are looking for a place out here. I have heard that they are interested in Malibu. Knowing Meghan and talking to her, she misses home," he revealed to The Daily Express. "Meghan is a Los Angeles girl, born and raised here with many links to Hollywood and friends here."

Meghan, whose every move is monitored by royal critics, may be able to rest easy in California away from the British media, adds Fry. "It is possible to live stress-free and out of the glare of publicity here," he says. "LA and California are so huge, it is easy to escape to places with your family and just blend in with everyone."  

Meghan and Harry embed

While Harry and Meghan haven't been making secret trips to the West Coast to house-hunt, the couple has reportedly enlisted Fry and their LA-based friends to scout the Pacific Coast Highway and Pasadena for potential homes. 

If they play their cards right, they may end up being neighbors with Leonardo DiCaprio, Courteney Cox, or Ellen DeGeneres who all have mega-mansions on the coastline. Could you imagine the insane beach parties they'd throw? 

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