McDonalds worker spills beans on how she judges you based on your food order

A McDonald's worker has made a tongue-in-cheek video about how she "judges" customers based on what they order.

In the clip, uploaded on her @brodyj0j0 TikTok account, she posts pictures of various favorite menu items next to photos of the kind of people she reckons would buy them.

The Maccies staff member shows a photo of the Big Mac meal – with its famous double beef patty and cheese combo – and then suggests people who buy it look like "cowboy builders".

Next, she teases that people who order the sweet chilli chicken wrap are "roadmen" – slang for lads who wear designer sports clothes and act tough.

The McDonald's worker then shows a picture of the McChicken sandwich and jokes it's popular with "Karens".

For those not in the know, "Karen" has become a pejorative for entitled women who harass staff, complain about things to an unreasonable extent, or otherwise bother people in an aggressive way.

By contrast, the similar Mayo Chicken is a popular choice for the "emo" subculture, according to the TikToker.

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The Vegetable Deluxe burger was then shown alongside a picture of a vegan woman.

In her follow-up videos, she joked that old ladies order the Filet-O-Fish burger, kids eat the chicken nuggets box, and "furries" (people who dress up in animal costumes) pick the spicy veggie.

The three videos were watched a total of one million times and went down a storm on the app, with people debating how accurate the stereotypes were.

One person said: "At heart, I’m a construction worker who smokes."

A second user quipped: "As a mayo chicken lover I can agree. I am a broke emo."

"I disagree with the wrap, it’s always the mums who order them", said a third commenter.

Other people joked they'd be changing up their orders from now on to keep the servers guessing.

The TikToker added in the comments: "Lil disclaimer these were all done as a joke I don't actually see people like this."

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