Man Rescued from 'Steep Canyon' Off Phoenix Mountain Trail After Falling Off His Horse

A man was rescued from a Phoenix mountain trail on Monday after fire officials said he fell off his horse into a "steep canyon."

The incident unfolded on the Telegraph Pass Trail in the South Mountain of Phoenix, according to an Instagram post from the Phoenix Fire Department (PFD).

Authorities said they were called to the scene after an unidentified man in his 50s was found on the ground off of the Phoenix trail, ABC affiliate KNXV reported.

Officials told the outlet that the man had been thrown off his horse after the animal slipped while walking on granite rocks.

As a result, the man suffered multiple cuts and a possible broken wrist, according to KNXV.

Meanwhile, the horse was found by fire crews with only a minor cut, the outlet reported.

After arriving at the scene, fire crews had to use ropes and a pulley system in order to reach the man before lowering him down to an ambulance, which transported him to a nearby hospital, according to KNXV.

Footage posted by the PFD showed crews spread out alongside the rocky terrain as they worked to perform the "high angle rescue" and pull the injured man from the canyon.

The PFD also posted several images from the scene, including one that showed the brown horse in a grassy, rocky area with one of the first responders by its side.

Following the successful rescue, several users commended the fire teams for their efforts in the comments section of the Instagram post.

"Whoa! Great job Phoenix Fire!" wrote one user.

"Thank you for your hard work and dedication to the job!" added someone else.

"Wow! Great work, team!" another user said.

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