Man buys Freddy Krueger mask for Halloween but gets laugh rather than nightmare

Halloween is fast-approaching so many of us are getting our spooky costumes and accessories at the ready.

So in preparation for October 31, a bloke decided to place an order from the bargain online shop 'Etsydaddy1'.

After spotting the Freddy Krueger mask in the sale for $19.99 (£14.50) instead of $83.30 (£60.65), Mike Robinson snapped up the deal.

He thought he had his hands on the nightmare-inducing mask – but received something a lot different.

Mike was left less than impressed when the Freddy Krueger mask didn't resemble the infamous Elm Street killer.

Taking to Facebook to share his unfortunate purchase, Mike posted a side by side snap of the two masks.

On the left, Mike posted the picture of the Freddy Kruger mask he thought he was going to get through the post.

The scary mask that was advertised looked just like the fictional serial killer – and is bound to cause a few frights.

But Mike posted a snap of the mask he actually received, which was more likely to make people laugh!

He captioned the post : “When you order your Halloween costume from Wish…

"I ordered Freddie….think I got his cousin Eddie.”

The mask, now dubbed “Eddie”, has a set of teeth and looks like he is about to sneeze rather than kill people in their dreams.

The post has now gone viral – having racked up 5,700 reacts, 4,700 comments and a whopping 34,000 shares.

Tickled by the Halloween mask blunder, people rushed to the comments to share their take on Freddy’s distant cousin Eddie.

One person commented: "Lookin like cheese atop a dip in a cast iron skillet.”

Another user added: “So Eddie is even more messed up than Freddie.”

A third person joked: “That’s scary Terry”

Whilst someone else said: “That's why it was on sale – SALE.”

Daily Star has approached Etsydaddy1 for comment.

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