Lunar eclipse 2020: Final full moon lunar eclipse horoscopes

On Sunday, the sky will grace us with a full moon on Capricorn with a partial lunar eclipse. There have been three eclipses in the past five weeks, and it has been very intense for all signs. chats to astrologer Francesca Oddie to find out what this means for your sign.

Francesca, who you can follow on @francescaoddieastrology, said: “This eclipse coincides with the Jupiter-Pluto conjunction that happened on June 30, which I had always predicted would be a second peak.

“It hasn’t been that extreme, but we are seeing some quite extreme transformations.

“It’s Cancer season, the sun is currently in Cancer.

“This eclipse is a full moon in Capricorn and Cancer is opposite to Capricorn.

“The important thing is this is a South Node eclipse, so this really is about a release and letting go.

“Interestingly, this eclipse is very connected to the new moon that we had on January 6, 2019.

“If you had a diary or a record or reference where you can look at your new years resolutions for 2019, have a look at what you wanted and see if anything that was on your mind then is coming to a resolution now.

“That is what you would expect, and that’s quite interesting.”

Francesca predicted most of us were feeling overworked in January 2019, wishing for a better work-life balance.

Now, we are in this re-composition of the way we live our lives.

Francesca said: “That’s a very interesting theme because this is a new moon in Capricorn, and Capricorn is all about work and power and bosses and structures and hierarchy and to a certain level routine.

“There is a Uranus aspect- there might be a letting go, release or sudden realisation.

“For example, we could think we are having this big party and summer is going to start, but there’s going to be a rug pulled from under out feet potentially.”

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Cancer, this is all about relationships.

You’ve probably read this in your horoscopes hundreds of times in the past few years, but in particular this year.

Your one to one relationships are being transformed.

Listen to your friends, they are wise and may have provocative advice, they may be saying things you aren’t sure about, but they have good advice for you.

There could be some wisdom and insight from spending time alone, in nature. There could be a lot of benefits to meditation.

If you are letting go of something or someone now, that would be a great thing to do.

Bring the power back to you, don’t be a people pleaser.

If there are any bosses or people being rude to you, try not to bite back too fast.

It is your nature as a Cancerian and water sign to go into your shell, and that will be good for you.


This is about your work, your daily routine, and your bad habits.

If you have eaten all the pies in lockdown, this is a good time to say enough’s enough.

It’s the time to move on to a new way of living, and a great time to up your routines.

Push yourself for a good cleanse and detox, but not too hard.

With work, you might want to go more freelance and liberate yourself.
Friends bring a lot of benefits for you right now. Talk, communicate, network, and get out there!

Leo loves to socialise, so this is a really good time whilst the opportunity is there to have a fun weekend.


The focus for Virgo is on your creativity, self-expression and friendships.

Whilst you might want to see the gang and join the crowds, you might actually be feeling a little bit anxious.

Perhaps maybe you are still concerned, so think about what you want and need. Don’t be pressurised by anyone else.

If you do feel comfortable with socialising, don’t be afraid to shine and take the lead a little bit.

Maybe you are ready for an adventure or a sudden holiday.

Be aware that we are in a state of flux, so don’t put yourself in a situation that is going to be too challenging.

You might be learning something new, and something to do with food.

Maybe you’ve been gardening in lockdown, you’ve got a plant or a herb garden.


This is all about your career.

There could be people in your life being argumentative, spiky, and challenging.

Your home needs to be a place where you can rest and relax. Declutter and get rid of things.

There is a demand for you to shine in your career, but this will take dedication.

You don’t want to be be pushed around by anybody else: your work partner or your marriage partner.

This is your time for revamping the home, seeing your parents, or looking after the older people in the family.

If you are the older person, you should ask for some help.


You are thinking about your adventures, your travels, and what you are learning.

This is a great opportunity to unlearn some routines and expectations that you’ve been holding onto for too long.

People might be annoying and irritating at work.

Use that as fuel to facilitate and inspire a new way of interacting, communicating and thinking about things.

If you change the way you think you can change the way you express.
These new beliefs will make you feel fresh, and there’s a lot of old things to get rid of.

You could be inspired or provoked by others at the moment.

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This is about your money, and this is the final eclipse in this section of your house to do with money, debt, values, and your self worth.

Look back at January of last year and think about what you were hoping to achieve. Are you there yet?

This is a time for you to focus on your self esteem and how you deal with other people in relationships.

Think about what you want and what you need, and make this very clear to yourself. We are refreshing and upgrading.

There could be some sudden insight and challenges from colleagues.

You might suddenly decide you’ve got to do a juice cleanse or something to make you feel fresh.

You might do something in the area of health that will help you reevaluate and feel good again.

There could be some healing to do with your self expression, but there could be some irritation there too.

It is time to put yourself out there and explore the deep knowledge and deep intimacy by showing the world your true self expression.


This is a big peak again. Anybody born around the final period of Capricorn season (Around 11th to the 20th January depending what year it is) is going through some major changes at the moment. Roll with that.

Where you live could be challenging or people you live with could be challenging, take inspiration from this.

You could be moving or you are putting some energy into your living environment that makes you feel more in control of things.

It’s getting social: you’re networking a bit, collaborating with people, sparking new partnerships.

Capricorn is not the most sociable sign, but upping your daily social interactions sounds like a good idea.


This is all about secrets.

Note down your dreams, because this is the perfect time to start a dream diary.

You could be feeling overwhelmed right now but there is so much in your subconscious.

If you have never practised meditation, now is the time because you could be feeling quite agitated.

With Mars in your first house and Venus in your fifth, there’s so much self expression waiting to get out.

You feel irritated, but this is fantastic fuel for writing, creating, and creative writing.

You could be quite an inspiring person to talk to at the moment, so start talking to people.


Your friendships are being transformed. Somebody has crossed your boundaries and you’re saying enough is enough.

Charity work is the remit of kind and compassionate Pisces, so you can drive a lot of your self worth form the fact that you are a good person who likes caring for other people.

Even if you aren’t doing official charity work, you are being kind, compassionate and non-judgemental with people.

You could be a good friend to a lot of people right now, so keep it up.


Mars has moved into your sign. It moved there last week and will be there for the rest of 2020.

You are being invigorated. The energy you should be feeling now is through the roof.

You could put this into your career: Who are you? What is your legacy? What do you want to be known for?

Aries is generally a competitive sign and likes to be the best.

If anything has been in your way, this could be a good time for you to clear that.

Revitalise your identity and express yourself because you have a talent for communication.

With venus in your area of communication, that is heightening this.

This is a highly dynamic time for you so I wouldn’t advise sitting around because there’s so much energy bubbling up.


Uranus is still in your sign and he is invigorating you.

Taurus is normally a very stubborn, practical, and stoical sign that doesn’t like change, Taurus has experienced a lot of changes over the past couple of years– particularly those born in April.

Even though you love being at home, you might actually feel like leaving.

Your home is your castle and familiarity is your best friend, but there is inspiration in learning new things, thinking new things, and experiencing new things.

Psychologically, there could be a lot coming up. It’s a fantastic time for healing practises.

You don’t want to be overeating or over drinking, even though Taurus loves pleasure in food and drink.

Be aware of not overdoing it and find other pleasures.

Talk to people and bring some more variety into your life.


The moon is in your eight house– the area of sex, death, and other people’s money.

We’re looking at investments, but this is tied into your self-worth and how you invest in your self worth.

Venus is in your sign, and she’s finished her retrograde through Gemini.

This means your communication and the way you express yourself has developed and people will perceive you quite well now. Get out there and charm people.

Ask yourself who am I investing in?

Investments aren’t just about money, and we’ve learnt that even more throughout lockdown.

It’s about the time and the people you are investing in.

Gemini is famous for having a large network, but is that network overextended?

How can we bring some balance back to that and do some pruning so you can focus fully on the seeds that need planting that will nourish you?

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