Lizardman with scale tattoos, implants and split tongue is fetishized over

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The first body modification fanatic to have his tongue split in half by a laser has revealed that it left him in agony for 48 hours.

Erik Sprague – who goes by the name Lizardman – has undergone extensive work on his appearance, tattooing himself a scaly blue and using implants to resemble a lizard-like being.

The 50 year-old lives in Texas and has won records as a performer – Guinness announced him as the the person who has carried the “most weight lifted and swung from the earlobes”.

Now, Lizardman has appeared on GB News where he discussed his tattoos and revealed how people react to his unusual looks.

“There’s definitely a fetish, whether it be for body modification or specific things,” he continued. “The split tongue definitely arouses a lot of interest.”

But this "interest" came at a cost as he explained the split tongue procedure was difficult to recover from.

“The actual procedure itself was painful but if anything I’d say less than you expect for having a laser burn your tongue in half really," he continued.

“But the swelling afterwards was so intense. That first 48 hours afterwards was some of the worst pain that I’ve experienced.”

During the chat with Patrick Christys, the Lizardman took viewers on a tour of his body modifications, revealing: “The most obvious thing everybody notices is my tattoo.

“But beyond my tattoo ink I also have teflon subdermally grafted to my skull to create the implants over my eyes.

“My teeth have been filed down to points via dental drill, and of course my tongue was the first surgical tongue splitting in history, it was burned in half using a biopsy laser.”

This comes as another body modification fanatic, who is on a quest to resemble a clown, revealed that women love his astonishing experience, and claimed he had slept with “hundreds” of women.

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