Lidl 'set to launch' game-changing home delivery service

Gone is the Lidl stigma of yore, where you’d hide the own-brand crisps and cartons of juice put in your lunch box after your mum hit up the discount retailer.

Nowadays, it’s one of the supermarkets of choice for savvy shoppers, and we’re all well aware that these own-brand items are just as good.

Stocking everything from skincare to power tools, the Middle of Lidl section also has us spending our weekends digging through big wire baskets for the latest bargains.

Although it’s usually worth it for a cut-price hot tub or dog bed, you soon won’t even need to do that, as the supermarket have given serious hints that you’ll be able to order online.

First off, they advertised for a ‘digital project manager’. According to the job description, the person in this role will be tasked with ‘identify new business opportunities to drive revenue’ and ‘will be instrumental in helping to deliver a new online platform with the aim of acquiring new customers and driving online sales’… despite the fact Lidl currently don’t sell anything online.

They’ll also have to ‘contribute not only to individual projects but also to the ongoing formation and success of other functional areas’, suggesting plenty of options for growth.

The successful candidate will be based out of Lidl’s head office in Wimbledon, so get applying if it suits your experience.

On top of that, bosses at the store told The Grocer that they were planning a brand new ‘platform’ that customers could use to purchase products. Do we smell an app?

They claimed they were ‘actively exploring’ the possibility of moving into this sphere.

It’ll be welcome for all of us who love their produce, but perhaps not so much for Aldi, who currently offer online purchasing (but only on certain special buy products).

With their competition in the digital game, they’ll have to compete. Hopefully this means more releases of fancy candles and cleansers, or just a full-service grocery delivery option!

Other supermarkets who’ve been offering home delivery and online shopping for years include Asda, Tesco, and Sainsbury’s, who let you order everything from pints of milk to homeware online.

So if Lidl are planning to go big (and beat Aldi) they may emulate this. We can but dream. have contacted Lidl for comment, and will update this article when they provide it.

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