Let The Record Show Ryan Reynolds Really Loves The Spice Girls

Ryan Reynolds doesn’t wanna make an enemy out of the Spice Girls, which is why the actor has recently apologized to the iconic British girl group for a diss that was made about them by his 6 Underground character. In fact, Reynolds loves the Spice Girls and he doesn’t care who knows it. And what better way to make that love official than by expressing his adoration for Baby, Ginger, Sporty, Scary, and Posh Spice on Twitter for all to see?

As for the cause of this quasi-feud, it all started during one of the Netflix film’s many car chases. Dave Franco’s character requests they listen to some music as a way to help them relax, but when the song "Wannabe" starts to play, Reynolds’ character instantly tears the radio out of the car and throws it out the window in distaste. It was meant to be a light-hearted moment in an otherwise action-packed sequence, however, it got some fans wondering if the song choice used reflected Reynolds’ own taste in music. Could this mean that he himself doesn’t like the Girl Power band?

On the contrary. After receiving various tweets about the incident, the Deadpool star responded to the scene in question and assured fans that he is the biggest Spice Girls fan out there and that he was unaware that particular song would be used during the comedic moment.

Reynolds explained that the song was added during the post-production process, which means he had no idea which song he’d be insulting while filming occurred. "I would NEVER interrupt Spice Girls," Reynolds tweeted. "Never. Especially during a car chase. That’s when I’d need them most."

However, this isn’t the only time the actor has come to his own defense in regards to the Spice Girls incident. During an interview with Yaaas TV while promoting 6 Underground, Reynolds was asked about that very scene and, according to him, he had actually requested that a different song be used during that exchange for the sake of his marriage.

"I specifically asked for something else. Something other like an old 98 Degrees song or something like that, that I would rip out," Reynolds explained. "The fact that Michael effing Bay put in Spice Girls — which by the way, where I’m from, in my house, that’s a religion, man. When my wife finds out that I rip out a radio because the Spice Girls is playing, I’m a dead man. They’re amazing, the Spice Girls."

So fear not, Reynolds definitely does wanna be the Spice Girls’ lover, after all.

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