Lawsuit Settlement: Prince Andrew Reported To Sell His $23 Million Ski-Resort Chalet

The couple has an $8 million debt on their Swiss home they took a mortgage for. The two bought the chalet in 2014 in Verbier, Switzerland (it was planned to be a long-term family investment) for $23 million. Yet, they didn’t pay off the share of the home by the end of December 2019 – $6 million was to be paid in cash as a deposit. But the couple agreed with the original house owner to pay $8 million with interest. Isabelle de Rouvre, the Chalet Helora’s owner, befriended the royals who rented her very often. Thus, she decided to sell the house to them.

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“We can confirm there is a dispute between the two parties in this matter. The contractual details remain the subject of a confidentiality agreement and prevent further discussion,” a spokesperson for Prince Andrew said to The Daily Mail.

Well, it seems there is a solution, Prince Andrew’s selling the house, which made the former owner drop the lawsuit. He plans to pay off the debt using the money from the sale.

Nevertheless, that’s the least of problems the Royal family member has. Prince Andrew is accused of having sex with one of the victims trafficked by Jeffrey Epstein; she was just 17-years-old. So, he gave an interview to BBC over the allegations and, eventually, stopped conducting public life.

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Virginia Giuffre, the victim, claims to meet the prince several times at Epstein’s London home associate Ghislaine Maxwell and in Epstein’s New York mansion. Jeffrey Epstein died by suicide in jail while waiting for a new trial on sex trafficking charges. Giuffre served a lawsuit to the prince.

According to her claims, he was abusing underage girls with Epstein, a sex trafficker. Yet, he denies meeting her, “I have no recollection of ever meeting this lady, none whatsoever,” he said in the BBC interview. However, he stated he’d help with the investigation, “Of course, I am willing to help any appropriate law enforcement agency with their investigations, if required.” U.S. Attorney Geoffrey Berman stated that the duke hasn’t cooperated on the Epstein probe with federal prosecutors.

Today, Andrew and his ex-wife live on the queen’s Windsor property at Royal Lodge.

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