Kate’s parenting style may have been ‘against royal rules’ – claim

Kate, Princess of Wales is mother to three adorable little ones, Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis. Parenting expert Sophie Pickles spoke exclusively to Express.co.uk about the kind of mum she is.

Kate’s life may be totally unrelatable but her parenting style is something other mums will totally be able to understand.

Sophie said: “Kate is a classic ‘calm but controlled’ mother, with a relatable parenting style that resonates with parents across the globe.

“It is clear to see that Kate treats her children with love and respect, while freely admitting everyday parenting can sometimes come as a struggle.”

However, Kate’s role in society and life under the spotlight means that the incurs different challenges than other mothers might.

Ensuring that three children under 10 stay well behaved at an event can be a mean feat as it is, but it becomes infinitely more tricky when the nation is watching.

Kate has the hard task of keeping the kiddies in line during momentous events such as the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, Queen’s State Funeral and Christmas and Easter celebrations.

Sophie explained: “How difficult it must be to parent your children while millions of eyes are upon you, especially when the children have had enough of playing the well-behaved Prince or Princess.”

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The expert claimed that Kate’s parenting style may be different to how other royals brought up their children.

She claimed: “Unlike traditional royals, Kate’s connection to her children is refreshing – Kate is always by her children’s side.

“In the past, this ‘coddling’ style of parenting would have been firmly against the rules royal parents must abide by.”

However, the expert suggested that Kate is onto something with the way she interacts with her little Princess and Princes.

“It is obvious though, that Kate knows that the more children spend close, quality time with their parents, the more independent they will grow,” she explained.

“Open communication is the most important skill a parent can nurture and in still in their child and we know that this is something that Kate and William both value above all else, along with showing their children warmth and affection even during State events.”

Sophie predicted that Kate’s top-notch parenting skills will be out in full force at King Charles’s Coronation.

She said: “It is likely that we will see Kate’s strong parenting skills come into play yet again, as the children attend one of the most important events in their lives.”

Kate is an incredibly hands-on mum and she’s involved in every facet of their lives, whether it’s teaching Princess Charlotte a tricky beauty skill or helping Prince George with part of his morning routine.

Prince William is also a very involved dad, revealing that he’s often got a front-row seat to the “massive fights” George and Charlotte have about which songs they play in the morning.

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