I've booked an escort to help me escape my sexless marriage | The Sun

DEAR DEIDRE: THIS weekend I’ve planned to meet a beautiful young woman for a couple of glasses of wine.

Then I’ll take her to my hotel room and make up for a sexless last five years of married life.

I’ve already booked her and we’ve exchanged a couple of messages.

My married mate who regularly sees escorts recommended this one because she’s bright, puts you at ease and is very energetic in bed.

I love my wife but need some passion back in my life. I’ve been married for 20 years. I’m a man of 49 and my wife is 41.

We have a loving family and two energetic boys, aged ten and 11.

My wife is my best friend but she doesn’t look after herself — she’s put on a lot of weight whereas I go to the gym and eat healthily.

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It’s like she has given up and she doesn’t seem bothered about shifting it. I no longer fancy her.

I’ve felt very stressed running the two clothes shops I own, and over my relationship with my wife. Now we’ve lost the spark.

My mate’s wife actually encouraged him to hire prostitutes because she didn’t want to have sex.  If it works for him, it should for me.

I feel that if my wife kick-started a new health regime, we would be OK but she doesn’t.

She cooks for me and the boys and is asleep by 9pm. She just doesn’t seem invested in me any longer.

DEIDRE SAYS: It’s easy for any long-term relationship to become humdrum.

Our bodies change as we get older. You’ll be different too, despite the drive to keep fit.

In a committed relationship, it should be more about your love for the whole person, not just their looks.

It’s also common for women to put on weight and lose interest in sex around the menopause.

Find a moment to tell your wife that you want to reignite the passion you once had.

A lack of libido can be down to her hormones and her GP may suggest some HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy).

Be patient and don’t pressure her to lose weight, and if you show her some desire she may get some confidence back. Kisses and hugs also create intimacy.

Cancel the escort – that would likely destroy your marriage and family life, leaving you feeling unfulfilled and guilty.

My support pack  Saving Your Sex Life will help.

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