Italians rage as Americans add tomatoes to carbonara as it should be illegal

Italians are notoriously proud of their food.

So when cooks try to mess with traditional recipes, they get pretty peeved.

This happened recently when The New York Times provided a twist on classic carbonara.

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Typically, the dish consists of spaghetti, guanciale (a type of cured pork), eggs, Pecorino Romano cheese and lashings of black pepper.

But the newspaper deviated from this formula by suggesting tomatoes as an ingredient.

Promoting the "Smoky Tomato Carbonara" recipe last weekend, the paper said: "Tomatoes are not traditional in carbonara, but they lend a bright tang to the dish."

They also recommended swapping cured pork for back bacon instead as “it’s widely available and lends a nice smoky note".

But foodies weren't too pleased with the suggestion.

Not only was the controversial matter discussed on national news channels in Italy, it also created a social media storm.

One Twitter user replied saying: "This should be illegal."

Another wrote: "Reporting this for pasta misinformation. No tomatoes in spaghetti carbonara. Adding tomatoes makes it another dish."

A third commented: "This is the last straw. I will cancel my subscription."

And a fourth added: "Ummm that's not carbonara. You are one step away from adding pineapple, aren't you?"

Some did defend the twist on carbonara though, with one responder commenting: "Looks scrumptious".

And another said: "Looks delicious, I think I'm going to make spaghetti tonight."


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