Is Khloé Kardashian Dating Again?

Not only did Khloé Kardashian have to live through the Tristan Thompson cheating scandal, she had to go through it all again when Keeping Up With the Kardashians covered the trials and tribulations of the whole Jordyn Woods situation after the fact. Now, it looks like Khloé is ready to move on, if her Instagram is any indication. In a new post, she's posting Elvis Presley lyrics that have her followers thinking that she's back to dating.

"Wise men say, only fools rush in," her simple post reads. It's pretty straightforward, with nothing more than black text on a light pink background. She continues the lyrics in the caption: "but I can't help falling in love with you."

Some of Kardashian's followers aren't feeling the same sentiment, unfortunately. Many are saying that she may be jumping into a new relationship too soon.

"I guess the wise man didn’t have this conversation with you," one wrote. "Well thm you’re a damn fool, knowing how you rushed your relationship with you know who," another added. One commenter got straight to the point: "He's not worth it sis."

Of course, just because Khloé posted some Elvis lyrics doesn't mean she's actually dating or even thinking about it. She could just be jamming to some oldies or watching Lilo & Stitch.

One person that is hoping that Khloé's moved on is Scott Disick, who reportedly said that he's tired of her getting "burned" so many times. Sources say that Disick and Khloé have always been close and that he, along with many other family members, hoped that she and Tristan could work it out since they have a child together. 

"He's always looked at Khloé as a sister and he’s seen her been burned by men over the years and he hates that for her," a source close to the famous family told Us Weekly. "Everyone had hoped that with Tristan being the father of her daughter, it would work out."

Anyone that does keep up with the Kardashians knows that Scott and Khloé don't always get along, but underneath all of the TV drama, they two really care for each other. So, whatever those lyrics mean, it's clear that Koko has a shoulder to lean on, however unexpected that shoulder is.

"Scott has always had a soft spot for Khloé and she for him, despite any struggles that he may have had personally or with Kourtney and the family in the past," the source adds. "She was always there for him and in her time of need, he will always be there for her."

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