Im a mum-of-four at 19 – people say Ive ruined my life but Im happy

A teenager who is a mum-of-four has hit out at haters who say she's 'ruined her life'.

Mum Claire, 19, took to TikTok to argue that she is happily married, owns a home and feels blessed.

The parent, who uses the TikTok handle @mamaclaire00, slammed those criticising her as she said that "haters pay her bills".

She wrote online: “I had my son Luke when I was 18 and his dad dipped.

“I met my husband when Luke was 3 or 4 months old and we got married shortly after.

“We have an age gap so that is why I get so much hate.

“I’m currently five months pregnant with his daughter.

“He also has two kids with someone else. A boy and girl (my step kids).

“I’m 19, gonna be 20 in April and the baby girl will also be here in April.

“So yeah I’m 19 with four kids and a husband and I love my life.”

Claire said that she isn't unhappy at all and actually “manifested” the life she has now.

In a follow-up video, she explained: “19, settled down with a paid off car, homeowner, full family.

“I manifested my success and here I am.”

Despite her comments, many still criticised her in the comments, despite her saying how happy she was with her life.

"It’s ok in 10 years time she's gonna look around and realise she wasted time," wrote one person.

While another added: “U poor girl, U missed out on so much.”

A third even went as far as to say she 'ruined her life'.

Despite this, many other people supported her, with one saying: “Why is she getting hate? Looks to me like she is doing well for herself.”

Meanwhile, another mum hit headlines last week for the extortionate Christmas lists that her kids gave to her.

Mum-of-two Derrie Matthews, from Buckinghamshire, said she was shocked when her son, 15, and daughter, 11, requested lavish gifts such as £25,000 trainer and a £800 hoodie.

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