I'm a bargain hunter – you can save £300 on your groceries with tricks including the exact time to visit the supermarket

A BARGAIN hunter has revealed how YOU can save £300 on your groceries with simple tricks, including knowing when to shop.

Chezza, 45, said her top tips are always look out for reduced items at the supermarket – and batch cook to keep day-to-day costs down.

Cooking everything in advance means she only needs to use her oven once a month.

Chezza also swears by freezing new food – including anything with a yellow reduced sticker – at home in Chorley, Lancashire.

The bargain hunter shared her helpful tips on social media as millions of Brits battle to stay on top of rising costs.

She told Jam Press: "My average shop comes out to less than £21 a week, which includes fresh fruit and veg, cakes, bread, milk – the list goes on.

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"By six in the evening, these items have dropped to nearly 90 per cent off.

"Of course, each supermarket reduces its food at slightly different times, so your best bet is to get familiar with when your store puts out its yellow sticker food.

"People turn their noses up [at reduced items] as they think they’re cheap and no good.

“In fact, quite a lot of the stuff is generally the best out there – extra special and premium."

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She added: "I often buy several four litre bottles of milk, which are reduced to 10p.

"I freeze these and they last me for months.

"You can freeze fruit, vegetables, meat. Think about the freezer section in shops and you’ll realise that food can be stored however you like."

Chezza insists that while she does shop on a budget, she never sacrifices eating healthy and balanced meals.

She batch cooks six joints of meat and fresh fruit and veg at the start of the month – which can stretch to up to eight weeks of means.

Chezza’s top tips to save hundreds on your food shop

  1. Look out for reduced items at the supermarket
  2. Batch cook to keep day-to-day costs down
  3. Freeze new food
  4. Never sacrifice eating healthy and balanced meals

The super saver told Jam Press: "All morning, I’ll be cooking away either using my oven or my two slow cookers.

"I start by prepping all my vegetables, which I portion out and freeze for my dinners.

"I cook chicken, pork joints, gammon – any type of meat I fancy.

"These meats are enough to feed a family of four or five for one meal, but for me, this can last for at least 10 meals.

"I take this time to use my oven, as I do sometimes prefer my food oven cooked.

"However, as this costs a lot of money, I only use this once a month.

"Other times, I use my slow cooker as this is the cheapest way to prepare a hot meal."

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