If You Must Buy Something Today, Make It This Shirt

In case you hadn’t noticed on, oh, the news, every media outlet, every social media channel, or from your friends, today is the Global Climate Strike. A movement started by young people, which has quickly spread to most people (who care about the future of our planet, anyway), the goal of today’s strike is to demand action from lawmakers to help halt—or at the very least slow down—the damage being done to our planet.

Karla Welch X Karla Climate Strike Shirt

Shopping, it would seem, is antithetical to this sentiment. Except when the goods come via Karla Welch, the genius stylist behind Tracee Ellis Ross, Justin Bieber, Sarah Paulson, and pretty much every other celebrity who has a cool but not “done” aesthetic. Beyond being one of the most powerful stylists in Hollywood, Karla is a capital A activist, championing causes like reforming gun laws, women’s rights, and stopping climate change. Through her line, xkarla (you might also remember we partnered with her on a very special Badass tee!) she released a special, limited edition tee today to raise awareness and funds around this issue. For every shirt sold, $20 will go to 350.org as part of their effort for a better planet.

Karla Welch X Karla Climate Strike Shirt

You can pick up the tee for $40 on xkarla.com starting today.  

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