Ice scrapers can clear your frosty windscreens but cause damage if used wrong

Driving with an obscured view of the road can land you with a £1000 fine, this means that when your windows frost up, it’s better to clear it as soon as you can.

Ice scrapers are a great tool to clear your window of frost and help you drive safely in the winter. As helpful as it is, when done wrong, it can end up cracking your windscreen instead of clearing it.

Using an ice scraper especially when its freezing cold can be tiresome and something you want get over with quickly. Doing it quickly could cause damage to your vehicle which only makes things worse, The Sun reports.

How to use an ice scraper without damaging your car?

When using an ice scraper, make sure you’re using only mild to moderate pressure on your windscreen.

This is because the frost on your vehicle could contain rocks and other sharp material, which could crack your windshield if your press the scraper against it too hard.

One tip is to turn on your car and putting the heaters on for five to 10 minutes. This softens the ice and makes scraping it off much easier.

Things to avoid when using an ice scraper on your windscreen

Don't use glass scrapers

Ice scrapers made of glass may seem more high-end, but using scrapers made of something as fragile as glass is risky and can cause scratches more easily. Using scrapers made of plastic or rubber as these are much safer.

Try not to hit the ice

Scraping ice in the freezing cold is not pleasant and anyone can get impatient while doing it. No matter how much you’re tempted to do it, don’t hit the ice on your windscreen with your scraper in an attempt to break it.

Hacks aren't always useful

There will always be hacks floating around the internet claiming to make tough tasks like scraping ice easier and quicker.

For instance, a de-icing trick that went viral on Tiktok involved pouring hot water into a sandwich bag and rubbing it against your frosty windscreen to clear it. But many have warned that the hot water could break the glass instead.

So its always better to use tried and test solutions which may be time-consuming but less risky than any of the quick fixes.

On hacks such this a AA spokesperson has previously said: "Using a windscreen ice scraper, or the vehicle's heater with the engine running (whilst never leaving the car) will probably work just as quickly."

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