Ice cream fans face summer of despair as 99er Flake shortage expected

There is nothing nicer than munching on a Cadbury Flake while enjoying your iconic 99 ice cream.

However, Brits have been warned they could face a 'summer of despair' as there could be a shortage on the chocolate treats.

According to the BBC, suppliers are limiting the number of Flakes ice cream sellers can get their hands on.

This will be the second summer in a row that the UK has seen a shortage of Flakes, with last year's problems reportedly due to a huge surge in demand.

According to Cadburys parent company Mondelez, this time the problem has been caused by 'global supply chain disruptions'.

The firm released a statement blaming 'short term' shortages on distribution issues.

The Flake shortage comes at literally the worst time for ice cream fans, considering that temperatures are set to rise and hit up to 32C in some parts of Britain by Friday (June 17).

Many ice cream sellers have admitted they're worried about running out of Flakes, with Abby Beech, owner of Abbey's Ice Cream in Hessle, East Yorkshire, telling the BBC that suppliers limited her to 10 boxes containing 144 Flakes each.

Although that mind sound like a lot, Abby said she 'could easily use eight or nine boxes' at a large event.

The sad news comes after it was reported Brits also face a beer shortage this summer due to shortage of bottles and spiralling costs.

Let's hope there's no more shortages on the way this summer!

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