I want to post my lingerie pics online – but people say its cringey

A mother says she's considering posting lingerie snaps of herself on social media to help boost her confidence.

However, she's admitted she's afraid that others might think it's 'desperate and attention seeking.'

The woman took to parenting platform Mumsnet to say that she's 'never felt beautiful or feminine' and is working on her 'self-esteem.'

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After a friend treated her to a burlesque photoshoot to help with her confidence, she felt it would be 'empowering' to share the photos online.

However other users had mixed responses. Some said it is 'cringey', however others felt she should do it because it can be 'powerful.'

Sharing her thoughts on the site, the woman wrote: "I've been working on my self-esteem recently and a friend who is a photographer treated me to a burlesque shoot.

"She said it would be a very empowering thing to do, and it was. I actually felt sexy and beautiful and powerful.'

The poster continued: " The pictures have come through and I'm so happy with them.

"I want to post them on my social media but am worried that it will come off as vain, desperate, attention seeking etc.

"There is lots of c*** on social media but then I think of some of the women I follow who post lingerie / swimwear images and I don't judge them at all.

"I think they are beautiful and confident. I want to do that too. Or is it vacuous and shameful?"

One person in favour wrote: "I post mine as it's part of (one of) my jobs. On IG I post with a place holder pic first so you actually have to swipe across to see them, then people can choose to look or not. I have my manager on social media and he isn't bothered at all."

While another added: "I've seen a few friends do this and the response has always been overwhelmingly positive in a 'You go, girl!' kind of way. If you feel good in them then go for it! Personally if I see pics like this I think its brill."

A third agreed: "I put a bikini pic on once and the response from my female friends was great and I was glad I'd posted it!"

However others thought the move was 'tasteless', 'tacky' and 'cringe'.

One urged: "Please don't. It's so cringey. Posting pics like that no matter how 'tasteful' they are – especially if you've never posted pics like it before just screams 'Look at me, look at me. Like and comment!' It's not empowering at all."

While another added: "It's tacky and tasteless and if I had a friend share pics like that I'd be silently criticising and eye rolling behind my screen wondering WTF is wrong with you and assuming your confidence must be so low that you felt the need to share them so you could feel validated by other people's comments."

A third chimed in: "Cringe. Low self esteem, screams needing validation."

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