I thought nothing can turn me on – I was wrong until I tried the "Knee Thing"

A woman revealed that she had no sexual desire in her life until she tried a viral TikTok trend – the "Knee Thing".

The name of the sex trick does not explain much and many people were baffled by it.

It is, according to the TikTok community, a foreplay trick to spice up the makeout session in the bedroom.

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TikToker Bea recently posted a video to share her views on the "turn-on" hack.

"Nah, nothing turns me on," she lip-synced it in an imaginery conversation with a friend.

She then faced another side and the camera cut to show her having "second thoughts".

"The knee thing," Bea said in a shocked expression.

If you own a vagina, you'll probably like this trick.

And if you don't, you should take notes and probably can make your partner happy

The 'knee thing' is an unintentional move made by a partner when they are kissing their significant other.

Apparently, when kissing, if one person puts their knee in between the other's legs, it is both stimulating and a turn on.

But it should only work when the woman is lying on the bed, or when the partner is on top of her.

The term has been trending on TikTok for some time and many videos went viral without explaining much.

One TikToker @loveablelilac asked her female friend to demonstrate it on her as she said: "I've never had that in my life."

When her friend gently nudged her vulva, she can't stop laughing.

She said: "Is that it? Is that it? Well, that's quite fin***g effective, isn't it?"

Other women also shared their thoughts on the "knee thing" trick and praised how effective it was.

Some, who were late to the trend, were confused, with one saying: "I'm too innocent to know about this and I still don't understand the knee thing."

"What is it? Is is a good thing or a bad thing?" another asked.


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