I joined Hooters straight out of high school – I instantly ‘fell in love’ thanks to the tips | The Sun

A YOUNG Hooters girl has shared her appreciation for her profession and the big tips she makes fresh out of high school.

In a popular video, she showed how she "fell in love" with the job.

Cassandra (@cassalexxx) is a Hooters girl who took on the job very young.

She documents behind-the-scenes moments at Hooters on her TiKTok account.

In a video on the platform, she gave viewers a glimpse into some special moments working at the food establishment.

She revealed in the video's caption that she started working there her senior year of high school, though she was legally qualified to serve.

The video began with a photo of the blonde beauty sitting in beachy water.

She wore a stylish black bikini that showed off her natural curves.

The subtitle next to her read: "Young girl fresh out of high school."

Then, the Hooters logo appeared to emphasize how working at Hooters changed her life.

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Soon after, a series of photos appeared as a slideshow, showing her wearing her Hooters uniform and other regalia.

Her smile lit up the video and showed her in several different settings, like next to a NASCAR cardboard cutout and sitting on a motorcycle.

The highlight of the video was the final image, which showed several stacks of twenty-dollar bills that Cassandra made from her hard work.

People were taken aback not only by her good looks but also by how much money she made.

"Bro that was like a grand," one viewer commented.

"Gorgeous beautiful angel," an admirer wrote.

"Which one am I going to," a fan chimed in.

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