How to talk dirty in the bedroom, according to a sexpert

For those who are a little more versed in the language of love, the sexpert warns not to go over-the-top.

Nadia warns against using too many cliches – or going too hardcore – in the beginning.

She explained: “Dirty talk tends to become a little cringey when someone tries to be too creative, working in lots of tacky metaphors, like “I need your love wand inside me! Tear me open with your sword!”…

“Definitely use some porn-ish language, but again, avoid going too hardcore to begin with.”

As with trying anything new in the bedroom, it’s important to have a discussion with your partner before diving in the deep end.

Opening up should make it less awkward when you’re chatting during sex.

It also provides you with the opportunity to talk to your other half about their fantasies.

If you like to be submissive, use more doting language in the sack.

Contrastingly, those who want to be dominant should try to be more commanding.

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