How to clean rust off metal – 5 easy ways to banish rust

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Rusted metal is often beyond fixing and can only be thrown away and replaced. But there are several ways you can tackle this problem and try to fix it. When it comes to cleaning rust there are a plethora of different natural and chemical cleaners you can try.

How to clean rust off metal

Baking soda

Baking soda is an important tool to use when cleaning – and as it’s a household staple, it’s an easy item to use.

All you need to do to remove rust is to rinse the rusted metal object and then shake it dry.

Dust the object with baking soda, which should stick to some damp areas – making sure you cover all the rusted spots.

Leave the item for about an hour and then use a scourer ball or metal brush to remove the rust down to the metal.

Rinse and towel dry the item.


White vinegar is acidic and therefore can be used as an effective household cleaner.

To remove rust from metal you need vinegar, a container and a scrubber.

For lightly rusted metal objects, soak your scrubbing product in vinegar and then scrub the area.

For heavily rusted objects, soak your scrubber for up to 24 hours.

You can resoak the scrubber in vinegar and scrub the rust as much as necessary,

Rinse the metal and then let it dry thoroughly.

Citric acid

Limes, lemons and other citrus fruit can be a very effective way to eliminate rust in its early stages.

You can combine citric acid with salt to create an effective scrub.

To use this method, coat the rusty metal with a little salt and then squeeze a little juice over this surface.

Let the solution sit for two or three hours and then use the rind off the residue and reveal a rust-free result.

Finish by rinsing and drying the piece completely.

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You can make a homemade rust cleaner with ketchup for small spots of rust.

Simply apply a thick layer of ketchup to the rust stain and allow it to sit for 30 minutes.

Rub this area thoroughly with a soft cloth and rinse well.

This solution does not work particularly well if the entire metal is covered with rust.

Potato and washing up liquid

You can remove rust from metal by cutting a potato in half and laying it in a plate or bowl of some dish soap.

Leave it for a few minutes so the potato soaks up the soap.

Then scrub the rusty object with a potato.

The reason this works is because the oxalic acid in the potato helps to break down rust.

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