Hilarious snaps reveal workers with no time for health and safety

When safety doesn’t come first! Hilarious snaps reveal workers who don’t have time for red tape

  • FEMAIL has rounded up some of the most hilarious examples of work safety
  • From a new way to fix street signs to questionable labelling of fire extinguishers 
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People often complain that there’s too many health and safety regulations these days, but not every workplace worries about playing by the rules. 

Bored Panda rounded up a collection of funny snaps from around the world that prove not everyone is averse to a spot of danger. 

They include former Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison taking off his safety mask while trying his hand at welding. 

Elsewhere, in Slovenia one man found a new way to fix street signs, which involved him hanging on the edge of a forklift truck. 

Here, FEMAIL has rounded up some of the most hilarious examples of when safety doesn’t come first… 

Something isn’t right about this! In an unknown location we hope someone is having a twisted joke about fire safety and not encouraging fire starting 

Could get a little closer! In Slovenia this man has discovered new ways to use a forklift truck and fix the road signs  

Washing windows! This man in New York clearly hasn’t filled out his risk assessment forms before heading to work and scaling a building 

Weld done! Former Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison missed his DT lessons at school as rule number one is not to remove the mask 

Patching over the cracks! In the US someone has mistaken electric tape for concrete… How long do you think it will hold?

Road safety! Something isn’t right here, would you drive under the telephone wires being propped up by what looks like a twig? 

Elsewhere in Russia! We are all for staying warm in freezing temperatures but a tiny hard hat on top of your winter wear isn’t going to do much good 

For extreme book worms only! In Pennsylvania one household has the built the most extreme reading nook, with a 50/50 per cent change of survival in accessing it  

And… we’re all going to die! In the US one clever person has decided the best way to keep the fire escape shut is to padlock it so no one can get out in an emergency 

Want to get the scaffolding out? In California one workman has opted to cut costs by forgoing scaffolding and using a digger instead 

Direct delivery! Apparently this person in the US didn’t get very far down the road before they were pulled over by the police for an unsafe load 

Best foot forward! We can see the floor in this man’s plans and if doesn’t he will be hitting it very soon 

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