Hilarious images show cats appearing to malfunction

Help, I think my cat is broken! Owners share hilarious snaps of their felines in VERY awkward positions

  • Users from around the world posted in Reddit group WhatsWrongWithYourCat
  • Some were seen staring at lights while another had head stuck in a watering can
  • WhatsWrongWithYourCat has more than 200,000 members across the globe

Cats are well-known for being a source of endless fun – and sometimes trouble – for their owners. 

But these pictures, posted in Reddit group WhatsWrongWithYourCat, prove that some felines are just fond of being a little off the wall.  

Many were snapped interacting with various objects, including hanging lights, a coat stand and a watering can. Others just looked as though they had malfunctioned.  

WhatsWrongWithYourCat has more than 200,000 members from around the world who enjoy sharing their very strange cats with the rest of humanity. 

Check out a selection of the hilarious pictures below. 

Pictures posted from around the world in Reddit group WhatsWrongWithYourCat, prove that some felines are just fond of being a little off the wall. In one snap, five cats appered to be utterly transfixed by the lights above them 

I regret this: This tabby cat in an unknown location appeared to have got itself into a sticky situation by sticking its head in a watering can

Just having a stretch: This cat was snapped sleeping in a rather human-like fashion on its back by a baffled owner 

Acrocat: This black cat appeared to have no trouble in balancing on top of a coat stand, as it’s owner joked, ‘Everybody was kung fu fighting’

This sodden cat was caught sitting in a hanging shower shelf by its owner, looking rather unimpressed after having a wash 

Comfortable? This black and white cat appeared to very much enjoy lying upside down with its paws stretched out

Is this better? A Redditor posted this bizarre photo of their cat curling its head so it was upside down

This cat really looked as though it had malfunctioned. It was snapped with its paws stretched out in the air as it lay upside dow

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An owner explained what their cat looked like while ‘malfunctioning at 2am’

My, what long legs you have: This cat looked a little bit terrifying as it stuck out its paws for a stretch  

Strange beast: This cat was snapped as it appeared to let out a scream to get attention from its owner 

Tight fit: This ginger and white moggy appeared to prefer a tiny carboard box as a bed

Are you sure you’re comfortable there? This white cat appeared to be having a doze whilst half-lying on a glass shelf

Completely relaxed: This cat saw no harm in lying on its front with its front paws down by its side

My shelf, don’t touch! This feline – wearing  rather attractive green collar, seemed to be feeling a bit proprietary 

It’s your tail, silly! This kitten got confused as to what was what while rolling around on its climbing frame 

Chilly but cosy: This cat, named Noodle, apparently thinks any free space created in the fridge is for him to sit in 

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